Thursday, August 22, 2019

Tone Your Joints gets the audience “toned” for the 80s dance



A pre-game to the long-awaited Eighties Dance, Trinity College’s all-female a capella group, The Trinitones, and Trinity’s improv troupe, The Moveable Joints!, came together Saturday night for a fantastic performance. The dynamic duo delighted Trinity students and friends alike. Both of these talented groups gave a remarkable performance displaying their talents in the arts and rhetoric.

While both groups are absolutely brilliant alone, together they are able to combine what they’re best at to form a truly great spectacle of music and satire. The Trinitones opened the show with three of their best songs, already dressed in their eighties gear for the night ahead. The Moveable Joints! dressed for the eighties in bright neon colors and took the stage afterwards with a set of hilariously impressive improvisations. The two groups came together at the end combining their singing talents with wit and humor. It was a lighthearted night that any Trinitones and Moveable Joints! fan wouldn’t dare to miss!

The Trinitones began the night by cunningly announcing that the Moveable Joints! could not make it this evening. Upon beginning to angelically sing their classic hit “Peppermint Twist,” the Moveable Joints! climbed out from the windows of Hamlin Hall behind the Trinitones. The Moveable Joints! proceeded to interrupt the group with a play on their words, imitating the Trinitones’ snaps and doo-whopping. The group noticebly made their presence known, exerting many giggles from the crowd. This comical beginning set the tone for what was going to be a wonderful show. The second song the Trinitones performed, “Can’t Hurry Love,” filled the room with an air of love and sweetness. Maddie Dickinson ’14, the soloist, enforced the strong vocals that the Tones are already known for. The third song, and a crowd favorite, was “Butterfly” by Rajaton. This shiver-inducing tune reinforced the fact that the Tones are truly pitch-perfect. Tina Lipson ’14, the soloist for “Butterfly,” made the already stunning song, even more beautiful. The classy and sassy Trinitones gave the crowd quite the treat, and the night was only going to get better from there.

The Moveable Joints!, performing next, questioned the crowd on what they had learned that day. One student answered their question by telling the troupe a fact he had learned about Russian beer. Having their question met, the troupe took a second before creatively coming up with a hysterical song and skit about how Russian beer was “as cold as the war.” It was truly remarkable to see how the skit progressed as each member added a new element to the song. Some of their other skits included one on bananas, Justin Bieber, American Idol, and Mount Everest. They were able to ingeniously create stories using a few simple terms and the audience was completely mesmerized by it. Those in attendance couldn’t help but laugh at everything they did.

Coming together for the final bit, The Moveable Joints! invited the Trinitones back on stage for a duet to finish off the night. The Trinitones performed their well-known and witty piece “The Walk of Shame,” but this time with a little twist. While they harmonized and sang about a missing bra, waking up in someone else’s bed, and finding an unidentifiable liquid stuck in their hair, the Moveable Joints! reenacted each set of lyrics. The Joints! proceeded to pretend to be the morning cleaning crew, the football team on their morning jog, and of course the guy and girl in the scenario.

It truly made for a perfect combination of their talents, and the addition of the Moveable Joints! in the song gave it that extra kick of humor. The evening was filled with laughter, song, and improv, leaving everyone in good spirits. The crowd left joints toned, ready for the 80s Dance!

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