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Monthly Archives: November 2012

Looking beyond the new social policy

Lydia Kay ’13 Editor-in-chief It’s been nearly a month since President Jones sent out the controversial email on behalf of the Board of Trustees and himself, thereby eliminating all Greek life and instituting a new social policy that resembles a Harry Potter-like “housing” system. Like all Trinity students, I have participated in long conversations discussing… Continue Reading

Still thankful for Thanksgiving

Alyssa Rosenthal ’13 Managing Editor Everyone knows the phrase “you never know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone.” I’m sure most people have applied this to friendships, relationships, and even experiences they wished would never end. Last year while I was in Barcelona I discovered something that definitely applies to this idea that I had… Continue Reading

Trinity sponsors annual festival of lights to celebrate Diwali

Elaina Rollins ’16, Staff Writer Trinity College hosted its own Festival of Lights this past Friday, November 15 to celebrate the popular Indian festival of Diwali. Diwali is a five-day holiday celebrated primarily in India but is popular among citizens of all different faiths and nationalities. It is an official holiday in eleven countries, including… Continue Reading

Spreading love: “Trinity Compliments”

Rachel Burke ’14 Contributing Writer While surfing the ‘Book last night, I stumbled across a post that a friend was tagged in.  The post was a wonderful compliment toward my friend, celebrating her kindness and character.  The Facebook user who tagged this individual in the refreshingly friendly post was not listed, though I noticed that… Continue Reading

In defense of Chartwells and the service they provide on campus

Peter Ganem ’15 Contributing Writer Chartwells, by far the most hated company with a presence on campus, has been wrongly outcasted by our student body. I believe that the student body should embrace the company by its worth, yet students resolve to pressing outlandish comments and ignorant notions. These notions are only predicated upon false… Continue Reading