Saturday, May 26, 2018

Trendy Trinity: The story behind Emma Graham Designs

Jackie Sanders ’14
Staff Writer 

Childhood best friends Emma Mahon and Jackie Graham started Emma Graham Designs right after graduating from college. Although they attended different colleges, both saw a need for stylish and moderately priced clothing in college students. The two girls then began brainstorming ideas for their company, and decided on making classic yet trendy clothing perfect for football games, cocktail parties, formals, weddings, and nights out on the town. Emma Graham Designs appeals to women mainly ages 18-30 and is sold through their design consultants campus program and online. Dresses and skirts from Emma Graham combine classic silhouettes with youthful details. Older styles are also constantly being reworked with customers’ comments in mind, updating each piece to reach its maximum appeal. 


Emma Graham Designs’ design consultant program is one of a kind. Girls attending 4-year colleges can apply online to represent the brand at their school. Design consultants host trunk shows, use social media outlets to advertise, and work closely with the designers to prepare upcoming season designs. Design consultants earn commission based on how many pieces they sell both online and during trunk shows, and also receive a discount as well. Emma Graham looks to hire girls that are energetic, motivated, confident, and hold leadership positions on campus. The position is flexible and allows each design consultant to make their own schedule based on their school’s calendar. This position also prepares the consultants for careers in fashion, public relations, marketing and retail. I’ve been a design consultant since this past summer and have thoroughly enjoyed my time working for Emma Graham. Hosting trunk shows is so much fun and a nice way to meet other girls on campus you normally wouldn’t see.


Emma Graham Designs has a set number of dress and skirt styles that come in various color combinations. Customers can use a “design your own” option online to create a customized item, and even matching sun hats. Sororities all over the country use this option for recruitment, and brides can also design dresses for their bridesmaids. In addition to this program, Emma Graham also debuted their “campus collection” this past fall featuring eleven colleges. Each college has two or three items, in their colors, for girls to buy for football games and other school-spirited events. This collection has been especially popular at big southern schools. Girls can buy these styles either through a design consultant’s trunk show on campus, or online under the tab “campus collection.”


The weekend after Thanksgiving break, on November 30 and December 1, I will be hosting two trunk shows featuring Emma Graham Designs’ new holiday collection and other winter styles. These will be perfect for upcoming formals, cocktail parties, and holiday festivities. Keep an eye out for posters around campus and a Facebook event for more details closer to the shows!


For more information on Emma Graham Designs, visit their website at or their Facebook page. You can email questions or comments to or call (877) 817-1811.  Feel free to contact me as I am a design consultant and happy to answer any questions!


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