Thursday, May 24, 2018

Food Dudes: Goldberg’s Bakery Cafe on Hartford’s New Britain

Aesha Shah ’14 and Brittany Viola ’14
Staff Writers 

Early afternoon on Friday November 30, we decided to go to Goldberg’s Bagels on New Britain in West Hartford, CT.   Brittany had gone to the Vernon Social Center Renovations Info Session the night before, so we wanted to see if all of the hype about adding Goldberg’s on campus was for good reason.  The bagel shop is small with only a few round tables to sit and dine, but the menu is extensive.  There is everything from a standard plain bagel and cream cheese, to breakfast sandwiches, scones, paninis, salads, sandwiches, and soups.  The menu also includes tea, coffee, iced coffee, and frappes. You can order the famous bagels in bulk if you ever want to treat your class and professor to a tasty breakfast.

We both ordered two large iced coffees to help wake us up. Customers get to pour their own cups of hot coffee, but the iced coffee is kept behind the counter.  Aesha ordered the fresh garden veggie sandwich on a sesame bagel. She chose between the variety of bagels but could also have had it on a roll, bread, or wrap. Brittany ordered a bacon, egg, and cheese breakfast sandwich on a plain bagel.  The cashier certainly wasn’t the friendliest, but definitely better than the sub-par experience we had with our waiter a couple of weeks ago at Tapas.  The prices are incredibly reasonable, both sandwiches only cost $3.99 each.  The entire menu offers great food at the price just right for the college budget, the most expensive dish is $6.49!

The food came out fairly quickly, probably because it wasn’t as crowded as we’ve heard it typically gets. After we got our food by the cook who passes the food through the counter, we sat at one of the tables and dove right in.  The iced coffee was pretty good, rich and nutty, but it probably could have been a little stronger.  The sandwiches were fantastic. Aesha’s garden veggie sandwich was a heaping stack of the freshest ingredients, crisp lettuce, cucumber, green pepper, tomato, onion, sprouts, and a deliciously creamy cucumber dill spread. We’re unsure if the dill spread was home made but certainly was the wonderful glue in the sandwich. It was a perfectly refreshing lunch, not too heavy but just right.  The bagels were some of the best we’ve tasted. They are cooked fresh every day from an old recipe that includes boiling before baking to ensure the great shiny crust. Brittany’s bacon, egg, and cheese was also incredibly tasty. The bacon was cooked just the way she liked it, very crispy. The cheese melted on the egg in the best gooey way possible.  It was hearty, perfectly salty, and the best mix of textures and flavors you want in a breakfast sandwich. The only thing that it lacked was some ketchup, but besides that, the bacon, egg, an cheese was amazing. 

Goldberg’s is open every day of the week on Monday through Friday from 6 am to 4 pm, and Saturday and Sunday from 7 am to 2 pm. Although next year, you won’t even need to leave campus to enjoy the great bagels and great variety of food. We aren’t sure of the exact logistics of the Goldberg’s on campus. Will it have the entire extensive menu? What will the hours be like?  Whatever the case, we definitely approve of the much needed addition to the dining options on campus.  But before the renovations, be sure to stop by Goldberg’s in West Hartford, if you haven’t already. The place becomes packed with high-schoolers, frequent customers, and of course Trinity students after a night of fun.  We are sure that the Goldberg’s on campus next year will soon trump many trips to Dunkin Donuts and local diners.  


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