Saturday, May 26, 2018

MAC of SGA sponsors Holiday Dinner

This past Wednesday, Dec. 5, , the Multicultural Affairs Council of SGA presented The Holiday Dinner. The dinner ran from 6-9pm in the Washington Room. The food was free for all Trinity students, staff, faculty and family. The food served was representative of all different cultures. “It was a great time and there was lots of enjoyable food from different cultures, from an outsider’s perspective [not on SGA] it was delicious, if anything!” Malcolm Evans ’13 said. The organizations represented were the Asian American Students Association, Caribbean Students Association, Encouraging Respect of Sexualities, International House, Imani, Men of Color Alliance, Trinity College’s Black Women Organization, The Mill, La Voz Latina, and the Women and Gender Resource Action Center. Students enjoyed the change of pace from the regular dining. “I thought the dinner was a nice change from the normal dining routine,” Serena Elavia ’14 said. Morgan Wolf ’16 agreed and also enjoyed the opportunity to meet new people, “I really enjoyed it. It was great to have some high quality food for a change. It was also a great experience to meet new people.” It was a nice showcase of different groups on campus and foods. The groups were pleased with the way it turned out.” It was one of the best we had, we were well prepared for it, and we had a great turnout,” Tonnay Brown ’13 from IMANI said. The music and the food was really appreciated by students and thought it made a great atmosphere. “It was delicious and the music was cool to have in the background. Tons of people went, it was a great student body turnout,” Malcolm Lloyd ’14 said. The large turn out allowed for great conversation and mingling. “The eggnog was superb and the conversation was plentiful,” Peter Deraska ’14 said. Overall the event was really appreciated by the student body, a lot of great food was provided, along with a great atmosphere with great friends. “The Holiday Dinner was a great success. I want to thank Juan Hernandez, SGA Vice President of the Multicultural Affairs Council for taking the lead and making this event happen. The dinner serves as yet another example of the diversity we have on campus. It was great to hear that people enjoyed the food and had a good time. I hope that MAC will consider doing another similar dinner next semester,” SGA President Dobromir Trifonov ’13 said.

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