Friday, May 25, 2018

Cinestudio’s Moonlight Movies series relives “Groundhog Day”

Cara Munn ’15
Staff Writer 

This past week, Cinestudio showed the 1993 American film “Groundhog Day,” a film directed by Harold Ramis. It was co-written by Ramis and Danny Ruben, and it turned out to be a surprisingly lovely and romantic film. Upon arrival at Cinestudio, I had low expectations because I was the only person in the theatre. However, it proved to be an interesting movie, similar to Mark Twain’s “A Christmas Carol.”

“Groundhog Day” stars Bill Murray as Phil Connors, an egocentric meteorologist whom never gives other people so much as the time of day. At the start of the movie, Connors never stopped to give the homeless man money, or even to consider his old high school friend Ned Ryerson’s life insurance, he lets a kid fall from a tree, and he lets old ladies get a flat tire. After begrudgingly covering Groundhog Day in Punxsutawney Penn., he and his crew became stranded in the town after a  blizzard shuts down the roads and are force to spend the night.  To his surprise, Connors awakens to the realization that it is Groundhog Day once again and spends the rest of the movie trapped in a timeloop.

At first, Connors misuses his new situation for nefarious self-gain.  Accruing a virtually unlimited knowledge of the town’s inhabitants, Connor is easily able to seduce women and acquire money.  However, living as if everyday were his last is difficult and Connors was becoming more and more harried as the days went on, even going as far as attempting suicide (falling from a building, burning to death in a car, driving off a cliff among others). He went to a neurologist who told him that nothing was wrong with him. Upon insisting to the neurologist that something was indeed wrong with him, the neurologist referred him to a clinical psychiatrist, thinking he was crazy. The clinical psychiatrist had (obviously) never seen someone with such a ‘unique problem’ as Connors had, so he was of no help.

Eventually, when Connors began to realize the true nature of his problems (that he was not giving people the time of day) he began to make some changes. For one, he began to give the homeless man some money, he bought Ned Ryerson’s life insurance, helped the old ladies fix their flat tire and saved a kid from falling down a tree. All of this however did not stop his recurring day syndrome. What eventually stopped it was getting Rita (Andie MacDowell) to fall in love with him.   It was a bit hard on Connors, as at first, because Rita did not remember anything that had occurred ‘the day’ before.  Connors and Rita both fall in love and the next day he wakes up and is relieved when he sees that hes no longer trapped in Groundhog Day.

So, was it worth going to Cinestudio to see this movie? I think so, as they served freshly buttered and salted popcorn completely for free. Though the impact on the social scene seems to be very little at this time, I think it could be a lot greater. Who wants to pay the standard ridiculous highway robbery like $13 fare just to get a ticket at the local movie theater when they can easily see a free movie at Cinestudio?  In the coming weeks, Cinestudio will be showing some exciting movies like the New York Five, a film inspired by a true story about a crime that was known to some as the ‘crime of the twentieth century,’ and This Must be the Place, a movie with an Oscar winning actor Sean Penn as its lead is also quite the promising movie.     Cinestudio started “Moonlight Movies” in response to complaints that the number of social activities on weekends were limited. So far, it has been an entertaining outlet for students.


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