Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Trendy Trinity: Proving people wrong with Jack Brewer

by Jackie Sanders

Ever thought of a great business endeavor, but never acted upon it? Jack Brewer ’15 and his two friends from home turned their idea into reality. Little did the boys know that when they created a motivational slogan for themselves during hockey training that it would turn into a successful, well-known company. Jack, who played for The Rivers school and eventually the Boston Advantage of the Tier 1 Elite League, plays forward for the Trinity College Bantams Hockey team. Jack has always had a passion for playing hockey, and his love of the sport helped him and his friends to see their endeavor through. In 2010, the summer after senior year, Brewer and three of his friends were training throughout the summer for hockey with the goal of playing at a collegiate level the following Fall. One of his friends, Cam Brown, had always been doubted about his size and ability. Although already committed to the University of Maine, Brown decided to do something in order to boost his confidence. Maine is notorious for having an extremely good hockey program that frequently makes it to the Frozen Four. Needless to say, playing hockey for a Division 1 school is a huge commitment, both physically and mentally. To meet these high requirements, the three boys created rubber wristbands that said “PPW” (standing for Prove People Wrong) on one side, and “Success is a Choice” on the other. For the remainder of the summer, they wore them on the ice, in the weight room, and just about everywhere else.

By the Fall, Brewer and his friends had received a lot of compliments on their bracelets and many people were interested in buying their own. Eventually, the boys decided to order more and sell them. They first ordered a thousand bracelets, but soon ran out and ordered two thousand more. That following Spring, they placed their first order of t-shirts. In October of 2011, Tim Thomas of the Boston Bruins called Brewer and his friends and essentially stated that he loved the message of Prove People Wrong and wanted to be the face of the brand. Once he joined their team, they expanded their clothing line to many different style t-shirts, sweatshirts, hats, wristbands, and even women’s clothing. Throughout their expansion, Brewer and his team have met many famous athletes such as James Van Riemsdyk, Christine Lilly, Milan Lucic, Tuuka Task, and more. They also met with many influential people in the business world for advice and guidance.

In the future, Brewer and his friends hope to keep spreading their message to people in need of any sort of motivation or confidence. While it will be tough for the boys to keep their business strong while at separate colleges, they are confident that they will continue to expand. Building up Prove People Wrong has been a great learning experience that they would not trade for anything. As Brewer said, “we have learned that while people have ideas, not everyone makes them into reality. As for advice- if you have an idea you believe in, then why not go for it.” Interested? Check out www.provepeoplewrong.com to shop for clothing and accessories, as well as watch clips of famous athletes sharing some tips. And, of course, don’t forget to personally thank the co-founder himself.

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