Saturday, May 26, 2018

Students needed for Spring Weekend

Elaina Rollins ’16, News Editor

Barnyard Entertainment is already busy preparing for Trinity College’s famous Spring Weekend, and Barnyard needs students across campus to make the event the best Weekend yet. Barnyard, a branch of Trinity’s Student Government Association (SGA), hosts a variety of popular events throughout the school year, including the Welcome Back Dance and 80s Night. This year, Barnyard’s Spring Weekend will begin on Friday, April 19 and finish on Sunday, April 21. Currently, there is no specific information about the Weekend schedule or who will perform at the Sunday concert.

Will Cha ’13, the student in charge of Spring Weekend, explained that the events this year will be very different from those in the past. He stated that, “It’s going to be an action packed Friday and Saturday.” Barnyard wants every day to be as fun as possible leading up to the main concert on Sunday. To go along with all this action, the theme for this year’s Weekend is Electric Carnival. This theme will bring together an “electric component,” as Cha explains, as well as a carnival component. The Electric Carnival atmosphere will “add flavor” and “spice things up.”

Barnyard has confirmed that BantamFest will once again take place on the Friday of Spring Weekend at 4:30 p.m. on the Main Quad. This is the event where SGA really wants Trinity students to get involved. SGA is calling for all student bands, singers, acappella groups, dance groups, or ensemble groups to apply to perform on the Quad during BantamFest. The goal is to create a lively, energetic, and spirited atmosphere to kick off the weekend.
To go along with these student performers, Barnyard is allowing student organizations to host booths or vendor spots during BantamFest. These vendors can host a variety of fun activities, such as a hookah spot or cultural food table. Student organizations on campus should considering applying to be a BantamFest vendor if they are looking to promote their group.

To prepare for the Sunday Concert, Barnyard is searching for a lineup of student DJ openers. Any student DJs on campus have the chance to enliven the entire student body before performers like Three 6 Mafia, Chiddy Bang, and Major Lazer – the 2011 main musical guests. After all the applications are received, Barnyard will narrow down the DJs to a maximum of six finalists. Each DJ who is selected to be a finalist will get the chance to be in a showcase at a venue on campus during a weekend prior to Spring Weekend. Students will then cast their vote for their favorite performer. Cha explained that Barnyard will be “considering the general vibe, the quality, and originality of the tracks.”

For the artistic students on campus, Barnyard is accepting shirt designs for the annual Spring Weekend tank tops that will be sold in the weeks leading up to the event. Applicants have lots of free rein to experiment with their designs. The only rules are that the design must reflect the 2013 theme – Electric Carnival. Also, designs must have no alcohol or drug references.

All students who wish to apply to be a student vendor, student DJ, student performer or T-Shirt design applicant must submit their work to Barnyard via email by March 6 at 11:59 p.m. Specific application instructions can be found in an email sent out by SGA on Feb. 19. Barnyard will release the detailed schedule and headliner performers sometime in March. In the meantime, students can check the Barnyard Facebook page for updates and news regarding Spring Weekend.

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