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Monthly Archives: March 2013

Floating through internship naïveté

MADELINE BAUM ’14 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF For most of February, I had a lingering feeling that I was neglecting something. It was the unease of finishing a day of classes yet still sensing I had missed an assignment. And then as March rolled around, it dawned on me  — and the summer internship panic set in. Perhaps… Continue Reading

A liberal arts education proves valuable in all aspects of life

FORREST ROBINETTE ’16 OPINIONS EDITOR   Liberal arts schools emphasize critical-thinking and intellectual curiosity. The goal of such institutions is to instill a sense of civic responsibility in its students and to create informed citizens who think of learning as a life-long process. This is quite a grand definition. Trinity being a liberal arts school,… Continue Reading

Trinity adds new World Literature and Culture major

Last week Trinity announced that it will be introducing a new major within the Department of Language and Culture Studies. The major is called “World Literature and Culture Studies” and will allow students to study literature from a vast number of different countries and cultures. The major was designed with the intent to allow students… Continue Reading

21st annual ACES auction is a success

By Alie Schreiber ’13 Staff Writer This past Thursday, March 7, in Mather Dining Hall, ACES (Annual Community Event Staff) held their 21st annual community service auction. ACES, headed up by Gracie Phillips ’13 and Emily Howe ’13, runs all of the major community service events and fundraisers on campus. According to the presidents, “over… Continue Reading

Weekly Forum discusses an honor code in the new house system

Elaina Rollins ’16, News Editor This past Friday, March 6, Dean of Students Fred Alford hosted the fourth House System Open Forum in Mather Hall. These forums aim to “de-mystify” the new housing system and collect ideas and advice from students. This week’s topic was about the potential for Trinity College’s honor code to play a… Continue Reading

Students and faculty discuss academic climate over cocktails

Last Friday, March 8, the Student Government Association and Psi Upsilon fraternity teamed up to present “Conversations over Cocktails,” an informal cocktail party with students and professors. The event was designed to help facilitate teacher-student relationships outside the classroom. About eight professors from various disciplines attended the event, and the topic of conversation was centered… Continue Reading