Monday, May 21, 2018

Students should be mindful of the generous support of donors




As Trinity students, all of us have dynamic and busy schedules often requiring us to rush from one class to another, racing through the Gates Quad, trying to make it from the Roy Nutt building to Mather Hall in less than five minutes. In the late afternoon, we like to swing by the Ferris Athletic Center for a nice mood-boosting workout.

We enthusiastically support our hockey teams at the Koeppel Community Sports Center. When weather is kind, we enjoy a friendly tennis match on the Assaiante courts. Meanwhile, there are close to 600 Trinity students who received named scholarships this year. For example, I have been lucky enough to be named the McArdle family scholar for two years in a row. Have you ever taken a second to think where all these names came from? They are certainly not made-up. In fact, behind every name there is a person who has contributed to Trinity College in a significant way.

Trinity enjoys long-standing relationships with alumni, friends, and donors. Their support really has made and continues to make a difference in many areas.

About 40 percent of our student body receives financial aid or scholarship support that helps them afford their higher education. Many Trinity donors make that support possible. And donor support not only affects students, but faculty members as well.

A number of our teachers are recognized and supported in their area of study. An example is Professor Mark Setterfield, who recently gave an inaugural lecture as the Maloney Family Distinguished Professor of Economics.

Many buildings on our beautiful campus have been constructed with the aid of a gift from a Trinity donor. The next time you go to the library, notice its actual name engraved at the front of the entrance. It reads “Paul E. Raether Library and Information Technology Center.” Mr. Raether ’68, P’93, ’96, ’01, is a Trinity alumnus who has been involved with our school for many years. He is the chairman of the Board of Trustees and is actively steering Trinity’s development. Our periodic table-shaped building on campus, formerly known as MCEC, is now the Roy Nutt Mathematics, Engineering & Computer Science Center. Mr. Nutt, a Trinity alum (Class of 1953) and parent, was a businessman and computer pioneer who co-founded Computer Sciences Corporation and was a co-creator of FORTRAN, a computer programming language.

He was also a generous donor to Trinity and last May the College held a ceremony, with many members of his family attending, at which he was honored and the building was officially named for him. The Koeppel Community Sports Center was named in memory of a former College Trustee, Alfred J. Koeppel ’54, by his family in 2006. The wonderful facility, which is available to both our College and the community, won an architecture award from the Athletic Business Journal.

When you take a moment to think about all the names around you, you will realize how significantly donor support has contributed to Trinity College being the top-notch educational institution that we know and love. Named scholars write to their scholarship donors every year to thank them for their support. Many of the scholarship donors come to campus in April for the annual Scholars Reception where they meet scholars in person. As we eagerly anticipate the arrival of the warm spring weather, we should think warmly of our Trinity College donors, and express appreciation for their continuous support.

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