Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Senior produces men’s squash documentary

Cara Munn ’15, Staff Writer

On Sunday, April 28, Marc DiBenedetto, ’13, a creative writing major, showed his documentary film “ALL-IN” at Trinity’s very own Cinestudio. The theater was absolutely packed, the air full of anticipation. The documentary followed the 2012-2013 Squash Team in their “comeback” year after losing to Yale in the regular season and Princeton in the National Team Championships just last year. With that in mind, DiBenedetto endeavored to pick up a camera and follow the group, no matter what the result.

DiBenedetto does not play squash much; he says the extent of his squash experience is that he took a squash class his freshman year but he lost in the first round of the class tournament.

“I chose to follow the squash team because I knew that they were more than just a team. My father is a Trinity alum and a good friend of Paul Assaiante, so I have been hearing about the program for a long time. Paul’s father-like influence and the diversity and mixture of cultures just makes for a great story,” he explained.

Throughout the year, DiBenedetto never missed a practice or a game. “I definitely connected with the entire team. I say that with such confidence because that is just the way the squash team is. They are there for each other, not just during squash season… I was friends with a few of the guys on the tem before I started filming, but now I feel like I’ve had a special moment with each one of them.”

When asked why he chose to do a film instead of writing about the squash team, DiBenedetto said, “Obviously, film and writing are very different but they have their similarities as well.  I have taken several film classes ever since freshman year.”

DiBenedetto was also included in the team’s post-season festivities. He said, “Being included in all the post season festivities has been an honor. They also invited me to their formal dance and even a soccer match against the Trinity women’s soccer team that was played a few weeks ago.” On receiving a championship ring, he said, “I couldn’t have asked for a better reward than a championship ring but I think what I will cherish the most is that I have 23 new friends that I will be able to call my friends for a long time to come.” DiBenedetto also went to Fenway Park where the Boston Red Sox honored the team.

Although the film was already shown, DiBenedetto promises to have additional screenings. If you missed the showing, you will have more chances to view the documentary “ALL-IN” in the future. 


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