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Monthly Archives: September 2013

The Symposium exhibits student’s summer research

WILL SCHREIBER ’14 CONTRIBUTING WRITER Students streamed to the ninth annual Summer Science Symposium on Thursday, held in the Washington Room, led by an abiding passion for knowledge, an opportunity for uplifting social interaction, and a strong smell of pizza. There, smartly-dressed and well-coiffed presenters detailed the projects that occupied their summer months. The room… Continue Reading

The Food Dudes: Cuvée dining promises flavor, flatbread and fun

SOPHIE KATZMAN ’14 GEORGINA THERMOS ’14 CONTRIBUTING WRITERS For the Food Dudes’ second culinary venture in Hartford, we decided to hit up an old favorite-Cuvée. Cuvée is a food, wine, and champagne room nestled at the edge of Blue Back Square in West Hartford. A “cuvée” is a particular batch of wine. The name references the restaurant’s… Continue Reading