Friday, August 16, 2019

Trendy Trinity: Students give dorm rooms a personal touch



Contrary to popular belief, style is not just about clothes. Style is about your own lifestyle. Everything from the food you eat, the places you go, the art you love, and especially the place you live are all vital parts of your own style. Here at Trinity, it may seem like we are fairly limited to campus, however that doesn’t mean those spaces have to be dull and ordinary. The style of your dorm room shows more about you than the clothes on your back. Some students on campus have taken their ordinary rooms and transformed them into something extraordinary, and anything other than another generic dorm room.

For Rosie Carroll ’16 and Julia Conforti ’16, classic bohemia is the main theme of their room. Walking into their Jarvis suite is like entering a Parisian fantasy world, but what sets their room apart is authenticity. Bohemia is one home décor trend that can slip into the fields of tacky and feel forced very easily. The 1970’s rock and roll posters on the walls are bands that Carroll and Conforti actually listen to, and the beaten up old books are ones that they’ve actually read. The pillows and decorative items are things that Carroll and Conforti picked up along their travels. Their room perfectly reflects the pair’s clothing style as well. When I showed up to photograph their room, the girls looked perfectly in tune with the vibes of their room, wearing loose and dark floral-print dresses. The best part about their room is that it really is theirs.

Sam Ruddock ’15 and Sean Greer ’14chose to look back to mid-century colligate style for inspiration for their room in Psi Upsilon. Many people come and go through Psi U on a Saturday night, but it is important to remember that at the end of the day, it’s a home for some students. Ruddock decided to paint bold green and white stripes on the walls, which contrasts perfectly with the light brown furniture. There are a lot of antiques in the room, like an old globe that doubles as a bar and framed prints of art from years gone by. On one of the mantles, the current Psi U composite picture rests next to another dating back to the 20th century. With the exception of the large television, Ruddock and Greer’s room feels timeless. It is as if the boys want their guests to feel like they’re sitting in the parlor of a swanky country club. After all, there are golf clubs mounted on the wall. Nicole Soviero ’14 is a veteran when it comes to decorating a dorm room. She’s living in a Vernon Place single for the second year in a row and finds that the opportunities for decorating are endless. Soviero chose chandeliers to hang next to her bed because they give off a soothing light and add character. She also loves her mirrored end table and vanity she brought from home because they give the room a girly and vintage feel. For a color scheme, Soviero chose lavender and gray because they’re calming and peaceful. She recommends using neutral colors and sheer drapes as well. If you’re allowed to paint your walls, nothing can be better than a splash of color to really set a dorm room apart. Skye Giordano ’15 and Whitney Hartmeyer ’15 used a shockingly bright pink paint on the walls of their Ogilby suite. The bright pink in the common room is continued into the single bedrooms with pink stripes. Giordano and Hartmeyer chose to keep the furniture classic, with small splashes of blue and pink on the pillows and rugs. The clean lines throughout the room and the color of the walls makes the room’s personal touches stand out. Orchids, the roommates’ favorite flowers, give a homey sense of nature while framed pictures of Giordano and Hartmeyer’s friends and family add a touch of intimacy and nostalgia. Personal touches are vital to a stylish room. Similarly, Griffin Hunt ’17 uses family photos, old notes, postcards displaying works of art, and a prep school banner to make his room in Elton reflect what means most to him. He looks forward to collecting more memorabilia and adding them to his collection in the future. It is important to note that good rooms don’t just happen automatically. It takes a lot of hard work deciding a theme, what personal touches you’d like to add, and what will make your room stand out. Even rearranging the furniture given can help make a space look larger and feel more like home. For my own single in Hansen, I hung over fifty items on the wall and made the drapes and pillows by hand. However, there’s nothing better than the feeling of coming to a dorm room that you really feel at home in.

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