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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Trinity College Honor Council welcomes over 50 new members

Nicole Sinno ’17, Contributing Writer Every year, a group of students elected in a campus-wide election serve on the Honor Council to adjudicate cases of academic dishonesty and social misconduct on campus.  Training provided by The Dean of Students Office and Office of Campus Life informs council members of the judicial procedures and fundamental integrity… Continue Reading

At Trinity and Around the World: Nightwatch comes to campus

ANA MEDINA ’16 CONTRIBUTING WRITER The disbanding of TCERT (Trinity College Emergency Response Team) took the Trinity community by surprise. It left everyone wondering how the drinking situation would be handled on weekends. Would there be an increase in ambulance calls? Would Campus Safety have to intervene more? Such questions kept springing up until Martha O’Brien… Continue Reading

The A capella concert and auditions prove to be a great success

Campbell North’17 Contributing Writer Despite last Friday being the ominous “Friday the 13th” members spread out from all corners of the Trinity campus and community converged at Hamlin Hall for the first official A cappella concert of the year.  The eclectic mix of athletes just getting out of practice, nervous contenders for open slots, and… Continue Reading

Trinity College Bantam Artist of the Week: Victoria Trentacoste

Pooja Savansukha’15 Arts Editor An undeniably passionate, well-rounded and extremely humble person, Victoria Trentacoste stands out on our campus for being talented in the arts, involved in a myriad of events at Trinity and of course for making great coffee at Peter B’s! Trentacoste is a visual artist, a trained ballerina, and a creative writer,… Continue Reading

Jump and Jive: Music Collection from the 20’s, 30’s and 40’s

Chanel Palacios’14 Senior Editor The Watkinson Library’s exhibition “Jump & Jive: Music of the 1920s, 30s, and 40s” is currently on display. It features over 5000 sound recording, gifted by the Bennett Rubenstein collection. In the exhibition, you can find original recordings from Columbia Records, Okeh Records, Victor Records, Brunswick Records, Melotone Records, and Decca… Continue Reading