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Monthly Archives: October 2013

The Food Dudes: Bishops Corner offers delicious bagels and lox

SOPHIE KATZMAN ’14 GEORGINA THERMOS ’14 STAFF WRITERS This week, the Food Dudes decided to venture to our favorite breakfast spot, located in Bishops Corner, just off Asylum Street. Bishops Corner is a vibrant, family oriented neighborhood offering a variety of different eateries and shops. On either side of Lox, Stock & Bagels there is a Whole… Continue Reading

Twenty books you should read before graduating from college

MADELINE BURNS ’16 CONTRIBUTING WRITER   With midterms underway and Thanksgiving break soon approaching, it’s time to start dreaming again of the luxury that is free time, which for book lovers like me means that never ending list of “books to read” separate from college textbooks and required readings. Whether you consider yourself to be a… Continue Reading

Townhouse residents should be notified of maintenance visits

CHANEL PALACIOS ’14 SENIOR EDITOR   As everyone has noticed, the construction of more townhouses is going strong, and rather quickly. However, because the schools are building the townhouses with such speed, there are always improvements to be made once they are actually inhabited. This wouldn’t be an issue if residents were given proper notice.… Continue Reading

Almodovar film fails in comparison to some of his more famous works

ZACHARY HAINES ’14 STAFF WRITER Internationally acclaimed director Pedro Almodovar has always taken a rather tongue-in-cheek approach to melodrama: film such as 2007’s Volver, starring Penelope Cruz, and 2002’s Talk to Her (2002) – which received the Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay – are so equally charged with comedy and grim severity that it… Continue Reading

Interfaith community visits Newport, a town of religious tolerance

BERNAT IVANCSICS ’14 STAFF WRITER On October 15, the Interfaith Community embarked on its annual Interfaith Study, which explores a certain region’s or town’s religious and spiritual heritage. After visiting New York City last year, this fall the community travelled to Newport, Rhode Island, and visited four sites altogether: the Touro Synagogue, the Trinity Episcopal… Continue Reading

Glee challenges the media’s traditional portrayal of masculinity

MARIA DYANE ’17 CONTRIBUTING WRITER   Media has always played a significant role in our societies. Nowadays, media, through its various platforms (press, television, radio, books and internet), has gained some power over people. This power can be qualified as manipulative. Indeed, media has been successful in influencing people’s attitudes and opinions about everything; even their… Continue Reading