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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Faculty workshop reflects on psychology of Sandy Hook shooting

BERNAT IVANCSCIS ’14 STAFF WRITER On Thursday November 14, the common hour event at Gallows Hill featured the interdisciplinary workshop led by Trinity professors Diana Paulin (English/American Studies) and Sarah Raskin (Neuroscience) along with Hartford Hospital psychiatrist Dr. Harold Schwartz. In the discussion they addressed the issue of mental health and the social and cultural… Continue Reading

Cinestudio pays tribute to Transgender Day of Rememberance

Pooja Savansukha ’15 Arts Editor The 15th EROS Film Festival took place at Trinity Colleges’ Cinestudio, last week. The event was sponsored by EROS (Encouraging Respect Of all Sexualities), Trinity’s LGBT/straight student alliance, and showcased a varied selection of LGBT feature films and documentaries that would  appeal to all film lovers. These films included “The… Continue Reading

Discussion about cyber bullying sparks talk about ‘Trinity Confidential’

MAKENZIE RUSSO ’16 CONTRIBUTING WRITER On Wednesday, November 13 Trinity College’s M.O.C.A held a discussion based upon the debate as to where the line is drawn between protecting students’ freedom of speech and penalizing anonymous cyber bullying. The discussion was most directly linked to the web page “Trinity Confidential” that frequently publishes anonymous posts that… Continue Reading

The Food Dudes: Venture to Costa del Sol and enjoy a taste of Spain

SOPHIE KATZMAN ’14 GEORGINA THERMOS ’14 STAFF WRITERS Even though Wethersfield Avenue is only five or ten minutes away, it’s not somewhere students often find themselves going. However, this week the Food Dudes decided to venture over to the South End and try Costa del Sol. Costa del Sol is an authentic Mediterranean-Spanish restaurant. Although the street… Continue Reading

A response to an article about an incident on the campus shuttle

MAZIN KHALIL ’15 CONTRIBUTING WRITER   An article recently was written about the shuttles that traverse our campus, carrying students from one side to the other and to destinations in-between. This article titled “Campus safety shuttle a forum for disrespecting Trinity students,” however, unfairly portrays the shuttle drivers and the shuttle itself. In this article, a… Continue Reading