Sunday, September 15, 2019

Monsters at the Mill proves to be a successful, frightening event


On Friday, November 4 The Mill, the student arts collective at Trinity College, hosted the first-ever “Monsters at the Mill” event. It included a Halloween concert and a haunted house.

The Mill is a diverse group of creative students committed to enhancing the social climate at Trinity College. As a group representing the myriad of social niches on campus, we actively seek new opportunities to promote themes of creativity, innovation and passion. The goal is to unify a vibrant and eclectic student body and improve social culture by fostering the student arts. As a venue, The Mill enables creative expression, artistic collaboration and innovative thought.

The event began at 6:00 PM with student DJ Connor Proctor ’14 performing on the back deck as students played candy pong and enjoyed food provided by Domino’s Pizza and Bombay Olive. Students flcoked to the house to enjoy good music, food, and the spooky Mill members dressed in their best Halloween attire. The seven-hour event included a haunted house and ended with a concert featuring the Micks.

Over the past two weeks leading up to the event, Mill members worked to convert the house, located at 79 Vernon, into a haunted house, blacking out windows and designing a spooky maze through eight different rooms on two floors of the house.

At 8:00 PM, Trinity students began filtering through the house as Mill members, dressed in their scariest outfits, scared those who dared enter the house by grabbing at their feet and jumping out of dark corners.

Makeup artist and Trinity student Briana Calcagno ’14 converted many Mill member’s faces into bloody and scarred zombies. Calcagno was able to achieve the realistic effect of blood by using chocolate syrup and red food dye. She used the fake blood to place scars and bloody gashes on the members’ faces. In addition, Calcagno dressed in similar attire and walked up and down Vernon Street scaring passersby, encouraging them to attend the spooky house. The Mill’s newly renovated recording studio was among the scariest rooms as blood covered zombies appeared from behind the glass.

At around 10:30 PM, as the final groups were filtering through the haunted house, the indoor concert featuring The Micks began. The Brooklyn based group describe themselves as “a bunch of friends from Brooklyn who like to hang and play music together.” The group of four friends released their EP titled “Brooklyn Bound” in March of 2013. Band member Ebban Maeda is a current student at Trinity College. For over two hours, the rock group of four friends performed to a large crowd, which filled the Mill’s venue space. Check out their music and more information about the band on their website

The Mill co-presidents Louise Balsmeyer ’14 and Allison Cazalet ’14 were pleased with the success of the Mill’s largest event of the semester, stating they hope this becomes a new Halloween tradition at Trinity.

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