Tuesday, August 20, 2019

A response to an article about an incident on the campus shuttle




An article recently was written about the shuttles that traverse our campus, carrying students from one side to the other and to destinations in-between. This article titled “Campus safety shuttle a forum for disrespecting Trinity students,” however, unfairly portrays the shuttle drivers and the shuttle itself.

In this article, a particular incident was highlighted in which a female reported the campus shuttle driver for not stopping on Allen Street, for opening the door of the shuttle to briefly mock the girl, sticking her middle finger up and then driving away. I’m here to tell you that this was not what happened, nor is it how it happened. I was on that shuttle and the time was 2:05 AM. The shuttle was making its way down Allen Street when it reached the end of Allen, there were 3 students, a male, and two females standing next to the Soccer House. As the shuttle turned, the male student slapped the side of the shuttle with both hands. The driver was then called a “b****” and, as she turned down Broad Street, the female that was with the group continued chasing after the bus shouting “b****” and “Are you f****** kidding me?” The driver of the shuttle opened the door and stated “Wonder Woman,” because of how fast the girl was running after the bus. The incident ended in the shuttle going about its course, and the driver and told that she had to go back on Allen to pick up those students because they complained.

I don’t know about you, but I wouldn’t tolerate any form of disrespect at all. If I was the campus shuttle driver, I would not have stopped either. There is no reason that this person is being looked at negatively because of the disrespect and lies that a few students relayed.

More importantly, it is extremely frustrating that students tell one-sided stories such as the one told and do not explain what happened prior or explain what brought about the reaction of the shuttle drivers. Basic science, particularly physics, explains this: every action has a reaction. The shuttle driver did not choose to ignore those students. In fact, the end of Allen isn’t even a stop on the shuttle.

What aggravates me and what has motivated the writing of this piece is not the article that was written itself, but the shared sentiment of students like the one that reported incorrect and erroneous information that is putting the jobs of others at risk. One of the erroneous statements written in that article was that the shuttles don’t have trackers. Both shuttles are equipped with GPS, and their location can be tracked by googling “campus safety shuttle tracker trinity college.” You will be taken to the Campus Safety website which links to Verizon’s page for tracking the shuttle. The user name and password are provided on the website as well.

We as Trinity students undermine the efforts of the campus shuttle drivers. They have to put up with us when we’re drunk, with our complaining, nagging, rowdiness and our constant inability to show them appreciation.

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