Wednesday, August 21, 2019

“Disintegration Loops II: Tales of the Uncanny,”a Preview

Immanuel Adeola  ’14

Senior Editor

“Disintegration Loops Part II: Tales of the Uncanny” tells of two men engaged in a scientific experiment to reshape history. By reenacting a past catastrophe, they hope to create a future filled with hope and love. Yet memory and perception affect their attempts to recapture time. The play is revolves around two people’s fight to recreate the perfect moment, through science, so that, in their eyes, the world can be placed back in its natural order. Danielle Conley ’14 is the dramaturg for the production. Dramaturgy looks at the world of the play, making sure what happens in the performance is relatable to a contemporary audience. The Trinity Tripod sat down with Conley to talk about her role in the production.

Conley is new to the world of Dramaturgy, which she describes as “a foreign object to me, something I had heard of, but never thought I’d have a chance to practice. So when I started working on the show, I messed up a lot.” She is working with Professor Mitch Polin, the director of the play and the head of the Theater and Dance department, who she has worked with on numerous occasions, including Disintegration Loops Part I.

The cast of Disintegration Loops Part II has only six people, yet they all bring a great amount of passion and enthusiasm to the show. All of them have worked with Professor Polin, and their close friendship will undoutedbly contribute to the dynamic of the production. According to Conley, they all “mentor each other, I think, in terms of helping each other understand this world that we’ve created, and having Professor Polin as a mentor to us all has been great.” Conley has worked as a development intern, looking at grants and proposals, and has been a performer and part of stage crew. Recently, she has become more interested in writing plays. All of these things are factors of creating a performance and each role comes in at different points on that timeline. In describing her experience in theater and how it has shaped her interest in dramaturgy, Conley says “Dramaturgy allows me to be involved in the entire process from start to finish; from the moment that a director decides to put on a performance to the night it closes, as well as the history and future of that specific show. It gives me the ability to understand the entire world of the play rather than focusing on a fraction of it, which I love.”

Dramaturgy allows one to appreciate the entirety of the play, thinking through all the different aspects that goes into its planning and execution. Conley says “I find that when I’m in another role, I’m entirely engrossed in that role, which has been great, but to be honest, it has been kind of unfulfilling, but being a dramaturg allows me to fulfill my creative strand, my academic strand, and my emotional strand, because all are necessary when trying to view the play from all perspectives. It’s made me stand back and admire every role that is needed in the creation of this alternate universe.”

There are several people and places that inspire Conley and her work in the field. Her mom has been such a strong, loving, and supportive force. A lot of her previous work centered on family because of how important she is in her life. Cleo of AX, the co-ed literary society that Conley is a part of has inspired a lot of her recent work. The sense of community and respect influence the themes in the work she’s been writing. Conley is applying to the masters and PhD programs in dramaturgy for the upcoming year and looking at programs abroad. The production will be showcased on November 21 at 7:30 p.m. till 9:30 p.m.


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