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Monthly Archives: November 2013

The rhetoric of the media misrepresents typhoon disaster zones

DAVE SIPPRELLE ’14 CONTRIBUTING WRITER   On Sunday, Los Angeles Times columnists Rebecca Solnit published a resounding statement on how Western media rhetoric is misrepresenting the aftermath of Typhoon Haiyan. “Mobs,” “panic,” and “looting” are the keywords to the media’s “language of disaster,” and Solnit argues that Western journalism’s employment of such terms distorts our… Continue Reading

Fullbridge program prepares Trinity Students for post-grad life

Gillian Burkett ’14, Contributing Writer In today’s extremely competitive job search, students are continuously looking for ways to separate themselves from their peers and to showcase their skills and strengths to potential employers. For some students, especially for those who attend excellent liberal arts schools, the skills needed to go into certain industries are lost… Continue Reading

Bistro receives a B sanitation rating

By Kristina Smithy ’14 Managing Editor As I strolled up to one of my favorite campus eateries two weeks ago something glaringly caught my eye as I opened the door. A big “B.” Spending the last two summers in New York, I have become accustomed to seeking out these ratings and avoiding anywhere that does… Continue Reading

A “fenced attitude” prevents Trinity from being an open campus

NONI GHANI ’16 CONTRIBUTING WRITER   Last week, my friend and I were walking down Crescent Street to our townhouse when we noticed something different—at the very end of the street a fence was being constructed between Broad and Crescent. Our first reaction was confusion and then, eventually, anger. Why build a fence around Crescent Street?… Continue Reading

The question “how are you?” has lost its meaning in our society

NYKIA TANNIEHILL ’15 CONTRIBUTING WRITER   “How are you?” It’s my go-to question and a pre-packaged, freeze-dried solution for my inherent awkward nature. For years, I was unsure of what to say when I encountered people. A simple “’hi” seemed impersonal, a casual wave was empty without the accompaniment of some cheerful greeting, and my… Continue Reading