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Monthly Archives: November 2013

Netflix gives customers power of choice, changing how we watch

WILL WALTHALL ’14 OPINIONS EDITOR   Conventional television may be in trouble. In the world’s ever-changing media sphere, Internet reigns supreme. Instant access to information has begun to define the way we live our lives and how we communicate. Instant access to entertainment is a commodity that is only growing hotter. And the guys in the… Continue Reading

Dr. Hughes talks to students about the morality of ADHD drugs

JAMES GEISLER ’14 CONTRIBUTING WRITER On Thursday, November 7, Trinity’s Director of Institutional Research and Planning, Dr. James J. Hughes, gave a talk outlining his unique perspective on the use of cognitive enhancing drugs. Dr. Hughes has an impressive and extensive background in bioethics, human enhancement, neuroethics, moral cognition, and the regulation of emerging biotechnologies.… Continue Reading

Widener Gallery shows Frank Ozerekos’ “Trace Prints +Teapots”

Pooja Savansukha ’15 Arts Editor Last week, the Widener Gallery at Trinity Colleges’ Austin Arts center opened artist Frank Ozerekos’ exhibit, “Traceprints + Teapots.” This exhbit displays a series of prints, and ceramic teapots that are inspired by subject matter ranging from Turkoman jewelry to African decorative arts, these “Imaginary Vases” suggest figures, trophies and… Continue Reading

Trinity College Bantam Artist of the Week: Lenny Rutigliano

Campbell North ’17 Staff Writer Grounded and genuine, senior Lenny Rutigliano has remained devoted to incorporating his love of theater and writing throughout his Trinity career. He has taken a unique route on his artistic journey that has led him to an interesting intersection of academics and art. As a lover of literature, Rutigliano was… Continue Reading