Monday, May 21, 2018

Trinity ACES hosts several charities during the holiday season

Esther Shittu ’17

Staff Writer

The holiday season is finally upon us. It is a time for singing, celebrating, praising and laughing. It is the time when we pray and wish for certain gifts. This is a time when happiness is contagious. But there are families who are unable to feel the complete joy that everyone else is bustling with. There are children, who hope that on this holiday season their wish will come true. Unfortunately their families are not able to meet such needs. These children will go without having gifts under the Christmas tree. They will go without the joy of Santa making their wish come true.

However, for the past ten years or so, Trinity’s own Annual Community Event Staff (ACES), has been bringing holiday joy to children. They started off this year by planning their Halloween on Vernon event, which is an event where they invited kids from around the neighborhood to come and get into the Halloween spirit. This past week they raised about $4800 for their Thanksgiving Drive through the help of Trinity professors, students and athletic advisors.

They prepared thanksgiving baskets which included everything that is needed for the Thanksgiving meal, such as turkey, pie, stuffing, mashed potato, cranberry source basically everything that they believe that 100 hundred families will need to have an enjoyable and great thanksgiving. They raised these baskets for families of St. Augustine school. Last weekend they bought over a $1000 of groceries, and they received the turkey from Chartwells, which they packed up in brown paper bags. They then had volunteers drive them the bags back and forth to the school.

But, just because the semester is over and they are overwhelmed with exams and hundreds of papers does not mean that this group is going to stop anytime soon. There are many children who will go without getting at least one thing on their list this Christmas. And ACES is helping out with that. 

According to Megan O’Brien ’14, co-president with Bria Lewis ’16 and Georgie Wynn ’16 of Aces, “we have over 150 children at the interval house, which is a domestic abuse shelter in Hartford for women and children, from babies to about 17 years old. It is a range of gifts that the children are requesting.” These gifts are then matched up with the name of the children and posted on the snowmen. The way that the gifts were chosen was according to O’Brien. “ACES worked with someone at the interval house and they had the children write down whatever was the top on their Christmas list. All of the teenagers are getting gift cards from different places and then the younger kids got to pick whichever toy that they wanted” said O’Brien. Those who have already sponsored a snowman are supposed to return them by this Wed. December 4, 2013. ACES will then wrap the gifts and the gifts will be sent to the children who will receive them at their holiday party. According to O’Brien, there are only seven snowman left, which says a lot about the Trinity community. Megan has just got involved with ACES this year, yet she and her fellow co-presidents have made major differences since the beginning of the fall semester.

Joy Kim ’17 is one of the members of the Trinity community that has chosen to Sponsor a Snowman this year. She decided to sponsor a snowman because she was glad to hear there is community service available for kids who come from less fortunate backgrounds. She is sponsoring a six year old girl who wanted a Barbie car.

As someone who saw ACES tabling for the sponsor a snowman event, it touched my heart to see all of the snowmen posted outside the window of Mather. It makes one want to buy each and every child a gift. I chose to sponsor a two to three year old girl named Cassandra, who wanted was a Dora Pony Stable. If you think about it there will be thousands and even millions of girls and boys that will have a wish in their hearts this holiday season. There were probably millions of families that wished that they had angels such as the ACES Club to bring them meals for thanksgiving so that they can have it like they had imagined. Unfortunately that was not the case. The truth is that it is impossible to save the world in one complete instance, but groups like Trinity College ACES, make you imagine that by joining them, you are making a difference. Merry Christmas, Happy New Years! Have a great holiday Trinity.



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