Saturday, August 17, 2019

Life at Trinity: Sophie Katzman showcases Crescent Townhouse

Sophie Katzman ’14
Staff Writer

After living in a double in Jones, a two-room quad in Park Place and a single in Vernon, the Crescent nine-person townhouse is almost beyond comparison. There’s nothing like moving into a brand new home, especially with a group of my closest friends. Even from the outside, the aesthetic is clean and welcoming. The yellow and green façade is reminiscent of warm days; even in the deep winter freeze. Upon entering, there is a living room with an updated dorm style filled with muted green furniture complimented by wood colored tables and chairs. The open kitchen is adorned with steel appliances and granite countertops. The counter is perfect for enjoying a quick meal, while the table is better for dinner gatherings. Having a fully furnished kitchen makes it easy for healthy living; cooking is the perfect antidote to a long day in classes or a night out. Further, it’s a nice break from three years on the classic Chartwells’ meal plans. Behind the kitchen is perhaps one of the most convenient parts of the house the washer-dryer set. Not to mention it’s free, making laundry simple and efficient in our busy college lives.

The house has the perfect balance between individual and communal space. In our suite, the first floor has one bedroom with its own bathroom equipped with a shower and toilet. The second and third floors are identical, each outfitted with four single bedrooms and a bathroom setup. The bathroom is laid out so that there is one room for a shower, one room for the toilet and a counter in between with two sinks as well as plenty of cupboard space for toiletries. The setup makes it easy for everyone to get ready at once.

With a roomy townhouse, there are ample ways to decorate. For our house in particular, we each put our own personal touches to our rooms. The bedrooms are a good size, furnished with a full bed, desk, closet, and drawers. They are very well updated versions of other Trinity dorms. The window is covered with a very functional shade that opens and closes easily in contrast to the makeshift pull-down white shades that fill most of the other dorm room windows. Additionally, the bed and desk look more like apartment furnishings as opposed to dorm fixtures. One thing it’s missing is a bookcase or shelf and a nightstand, which you can add on.

Each of our bedrooms has its own unique touch that exemplifies the girl living in it. Some of the styles represented are coastal, sleek contemporary design, shabby chic, countryside, and eclectic flair. However, no room simply uses one of these styles, rather there is a variety of modes in each of the rooms. I would say that my room is a mix between shabby chic and contemporary, with a few traditional assets. My style has transitioned over my four years; this time, for most of the décor, I chose black and white and neutral tones. Thus I replaced my traditional damask pink and white duvet cover with a simpler linen one. To accent the plain off-white piece, I decorated with a gray velour throw blanket complimented by two gray sparkly throw pillows. I chose black and white pillowcases spelling out “Love” in a contemporary font as well as an embroidered butterfly pillow for added elegance. With such vast wall space, there is plenty of room for art. Behind my bed is a framed print of my favorite photograph “Dovima with Elephants” by Richard Avedon. On the adjoining wall are lithographs of two of my favorite books from a unique company called “Litographs” that prints texts of books into the shape of a defining scene or character from a book. I have one of Daisy and Gatsby from Fitzgerald’s “The Great Gatsby” and a silhouette of Emma from Jane Austen’s “Emma.” Next to them is a board of vintage postcards from my travels abroad. Across the wall, I have a crafted vanity with a decorative black mirror set above a bookcase. Next to that is a canvas inspiration board of quotes, pictures and other trinkets. Finally, I decorated the wall next to my closet with wired letters spelling my initials filled with pictures and unique greeting cards. For style inspirations, I frequented blogs such as Refinery 29 and home magazines and for accessories I shopped at, Urban Outfitters, HomeGoods, the new H&M home, and various unique boutiques just to name a few.

Overall, there are very few disadvantages to living in the new townhouses. If I had to name anything I would say the negatives are limited parking and uncomfortable couches, but there is a parking lot being built and the more recent houses already have better furniture! Yes, there is an additional cost, but for all the new appliances and amenities, it is definitely worth it. I would recommend living here at least once during your four years if you can!

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