Thursday, August 22, 2019

Trendy Trinity: Autotuning should be extended to the red carpet

Benjamin Chait ’16
Features Editor

Maria Grazia Chiuri and Pierpaolo Piccioli recently debuted what is arguably their best couture collection they’ve done for the house of Valentino. The collection was a trip around the world through interpretations from operas. Most pieces from the fifty-five look show were not only profoundly wearable, but astonishingly beautiful. That is perhaps why it is so confusing that Katy Perry chose the gown she did. Perry has come a long way since the glitter wings and whipped-cream bras, but this gown was certainly a step back. The gown cut her body, hid her beautiful curls, washed her out, and looked messy. It may be the biggest night for music, but having musical notes on your dress when you’re such an established artist isn’t comically cute, it is drastically literal.

I couldn’t say that I expected more from the fashion at the Grammy Awards. Unlike other award shows where people dress with refinement, and the overall looks from this award show were aggressive and ironically anti-fashion. These artists tend to either underdress or over do it. This is ultimately a shame because the atmosphere of the Grammys allows for more freedom and experimentation.

There were, however, some truly wonderful looks this year. Beyoncé and Jay-Z continued their streak as the most talented and most fashionable power couple in music. Jay-Z looked refined and like a gentleman. The patterned evening coat referenced the Rat Pack, and cemented Jay-Z as the contemporary Sinatra. Beyoncé elegantly balanced herself on the rope between being conservative and showing off her skin. Queen Latifah stole the red carpet. She not only outdressed those younger than her, she outdressed those older than her who tend to dress worse than the young and over-styled one-hit-wonders. Black gowns on the red carpet can tend to be bland, but Latifah’s gown sparkled on the carpet and on the stage. Alicia Key’s blue gown showed off her stunning figure while still showing that she is a serious musical artist. Men tend to look either boring, sloppy, or ridiculous, but Macklemore and Ryan Lewis looked fantastic in their well-tailored and dramatic tuxedos. They also had the best performance in recent Grammy history. Honorable mentions include Anna Kendrick, who mixed classic red carpet glamour with subtle sex appeal, and Daft Punk who remained true to their persona while still rocking it in classic tuxedos.

For someone who is so eager to change male partners, it’s a shame Taylor Swift was less willing to change up her look. She looked nice. She looked boring. Pharrell, on the other hand, didn’t look boring, looked ridiculous. This was sad coming from a man whose taste level is so high.

Not that many people looked bad and not that many people looked great. Most people looked fine, and that’s such a shame coming from such an eclectic group. The producers of the Grammys should perhaps think to invite more exciting style icons such as Kanye West, Rihanna, Lana Del Rey, and Lady Gaga. Better luck next year musicians.

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