Sunday, September 15, 2019

Trendy Trinity: Callan Vessels ’15 shares her secrets to great style


For some Trinity College students fashion doesn’t come easy. For some, fashion isn’t even a thought, and that’s okay, but for others like myself and Callan Vessels ’15, fashion is what makes the world go round. I got a chance to catch up with Callan and ask her a few questions that help guide her choices in fashion.

When I look around the campus I immediately see what people are wearing. For me, clothes are what come easily. I know how to throw together an outfit last minute whether it’s for a friend or me. Callan Vessels feels the same. I started with something simple, “What do you think of when you get dressed?” “Looking cute and stylish. I always like to look put together,” Vessels said.

I think people need to take Callan’s lead when getting dressed for classes. I know that we all sit in classrooms, take notes, and don’t really look at what drapes over one another’s body, but dressing with style can make each day more exciting.
For Vessels, it’s all about planning ahead and having a “go to look.” “I usually plan my outfits before I go to bed, but when I am in a rush I just throw on something simple like jeans and a cute top,” says Vessels.

She makes it sound so effortless, and it is once you get the hang of it. I know that for some, fashion isn’t important and that image isn’t everything, but the time it takes to push a comb through your hair and put on something that shows your body exists takes less than five minutes. Set the alarm a little early and try it out! Even for class, Vessels says, “A cozy sweater, jeans, and flats is a go to when I don’t plan. It’s always freezing in classrooms so it always works out.”

For those who love clothes, closets serve as their proof of dedication. I personally have my favorites: AG black jeans, Tory Burch short black boots, my grey leather jacket, and an assortment of LNA v-neck t-shirts. Vessels has her favorite items too. “I couldn’t live without my J Brand jeans, camo sweater, ASHA long pendant necklace, fur jacket, Stuart Weitzman knee high boots, my Dolce Vita black booties (for the winter), and then in warm weather, a cute sundress and either wedges or gladiator sandals.” Vessels has it covered from season to season and knows how to put her outfits together for any occasion.
When going out at night, Callan chooses her signature piece, her crop-tops. She feels confident at night in a cute flowing top, blue or black jeans, and boots.” She makes sure she always has a least five bracelets on one wrist at a time and doesn’t leave the house without a tube of lip-gloss in hand.

Although dressing for everyday is fun for Vessels, it is fancy events that really get her excited to shop; “My favorite articles of clothing are my dresses, so I love shopping for formals and nice events. I try to find dresses that no one has seen yet. Depending on the event, I like to get a little sassy with my outfit! I tend to go for dresses that are fitted and festive.” Everyone has a style that they lean towards and want to see more of. Callan hopes this spring will be full of bright and vibrant colors and “definitely more midriff exposure”

With seasons changing and trends coming and going, it’s important to have something that you can always rely on. For Vessels, she thinks a little black dress is a must have and I couldn’t agree more. You never know when something will come up like a formal, a dinner, a family event. With an ever-changing social calendar, a little black dress is always great to own. If you don’t have one yourself, at least know someone in your dorm who does! Ladies on this campus must be prepared and always ready to get a little fun and sassy.
The advice Vessels gives to other students at Trinity College is simple, “try and sass it up, and try not to be as preppy.” Breaking the fashion trends can be tough but that’s what true fashionistas are for! Have fun with it!

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