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Monthly Archives: March 2014

World-Renowned DJ ‘Dirty South’ to Headline at Spring Weekend Concert

Sean Fleisher ’17 and Hugh Grygiel ’17 Contributing Writers It has been confirmed that a Grammy nominated DJ and producer will be performing at this year’s Spring Weekend concert. Dragan Roganovic, better known as Dirty South, is a Serbian-Australian musician who has earned much fame in the global electronic dance music scene. After being signed… Continue Reading

Pints and Quarts with the Pipes and Quirks

Campbell North ’17  Arts Editor On the drizzly night of March 12th, the Pipes and Quirks treated fellow students and parents to a taste of spring with their fresh and vivacious melodies. The chapel was filled by spectators sitting in multiple rows of chairs facing the front and crowded by students sitting in pews, some… Continue Reading

Greek co-education mandate strongly opposed at SGA forum

A critique faculty, staff, and administration have long attributed to Trinity students is their complacency on school-wide issues. When it comes to the provisions and plans set forth under the College’s Social Policy – especially regarding Greek life – complacent is everything Trinity students haven’t been.             On Sunday March 9th at 6:30pm, the Student… Continue Reading

“Dallas Buyers Club” provides a touching portrayal of AIDS

SAMIA KEMEL ’14 STAFF WRITER “Dallas Buyers Club” is a film that strikes at the heart of what it truly means to ‘transform.’ Both within and outside of the film, the characters and the actors experience transformative events. We see health transformed into irrevocable sickness, a rom-com star transformed into a serious and committed actor, and a biopic… Continue Reading