Thursday, May 24, 2018

‘Accidentally in love with Quirks’ a capella performance

On the brisk winter night of March 6, two of Trinity’s impressive a capella groups, the Accidentals and the Quirks, united within the historical walls of the Chapel for a night of songs and introductions. For both groups, this was the first concert since the spring semester auditions, which took place at the beginning of the semester. Since then, the groups have inducted a number of new members who made their debuts throughout the night.

 The Chapel pews were filled with students eagerly waiting in anticipation for the night to start. In good-ole ‘cac spirit, the pews were full with friends of the performers and many other a capella-loving students. Prior to college, many people hear stories about the popularity of a capella concerts, especially at small schools like Trinity, but never think that they would attract such a diverse audience as they tend to do. What many love most about these kinds of concerts is the way they interest all sorts of students – from musicians, to athletes, past singers, and those who know nothing about the art at all. These a capella groups find many unique ways to draw in students that can make just about anyone subconsciously tap their shoes to the beat or hum a rendition of a song after a performance. It really brings out a school’s strength when so many students are able to unite for one common event, and for Trinity, that event has often been in the name of a capella.

 The Accidentals, Trinity’s only all-male group, kicked off the night with their classic rendition of “Good Ol’ A Capella.” The jazzy crowd pleaser, “Good Ol’ A Capella” was used to introduce the names of the Dents’ newest members: Adam Keefe ’17, Chris White ’16, Connor Kennedy ’16, Hank Butler ’17, and Malcom Moon ’15. All individually took part in a solo during one of the songs. The second song the Dents performed was “Swallowed in the Sea” by Coldplay. This shiver-inducing performance immediately silenced the crowd as the group’s harmonies and melodies bounced off the walls of the Chapel. Their final song was in honor of throwback Thursday, so they ‘tbt’d’ to a song that had been a part of their repertoire three or four years back – “With You” by Chris Brown. Leaving the crowd in awe, they gave a warm welcome to the second group performing, the Quirks.

The Quirks, one of Trinity’s all-female a capella groups, came out dressed in white, ready to impress the crowd with their angelic voices. They began their performance with one of their classics, “With or Without You” by U2, a song, soloed by Georgia McAdams ’14. “With or Without You” truly highlights their talents as a group – delicate harmonies and strong voices. Their second song, “God Only Knows” by The Beach Boys, was soloed by their newest members, Jacqueline Busa ’17 and Lizzy Foley ’17, and is the traditional song sung by the new members. The Quirk’s last song was a combination of Jay-Z’s “Holy Grail” and Rihanna’s “Stay”. This was Meredith Munro’s ’14 senior song choice. It was a mash-up that brought together the musical and lyrical elements of both popular songs. When I asked Meredith about her approach for picking the songs, she said “I wanted to pick songs I normally probably wouldn’t get a chance to sing. The two sounded like they might work together, so I asked Nicole [the Quirk’s music director].”After the Quirks concluded their performance, they welcomed the Accidentals back out to perform a joint song in true a capella spirit. They sang “Use Somebody” by Kings of Leon. Having only had a short amount of time to prepare the song, the Quirks and the Dents were absolutely amazing. Their soloists, the Quirk’s Nicole Muto-Graves ’15 and one of the Dent’s newest members, Chris White, nailed the performance. It would surely have given Kings of Leon a run for their money. After the show, I did some talking with the talented members of the two groups to get their feedback on the night. One of Dents’ newest members, Malcom Moon, expressed what his first time performing with the Dents was like, “I think the soloists were outstanding! All the guys are so welcoming and supportive and I felt like we are one cohesive unit. We all worked very hard to make an enjoyable performance and I think we did that!” Similarly, Meredith responded the same way about performing with the Dents and sung praises about their collaboration saying, “it was amazing, as always! I love when we combine our sounds because together we have such a great range. Plus they’re all just wonderful people.” Once again, the Quirks and the Dents managed to evoke a love for a capella in all of us, providing many students with a great way to start the weekend.

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