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Monthly Archives: March 2014

Film series celebrates life and work of photographer Jack Delano

KRISTINA XIE ’16 ARTS EDITOR  This past Wednesday night, the Latin American and Iberian Film Festival presented Autógrafo: Jack Delano and Los Peloteros (1951). The Department of Fine Arts at Trinity College along with attendees celebrated the 100th anniversary of Jack Delano’s birth. The first film is an autographic sketch of the renowned photographer while the second film… Continue Reading

Recognizable themes in “The Monuments Men” make it a hit

DANIEL WILKINS ’16 CONTRIBUTING WRITER George Clooney’s newest film, “The Monuments Men,” accomplishes something that is often missing in other World War II films. While both film critics and average moviegoers have received the film poorly, it sheds a completely new light on a conflict that has inspired many great films. “The Monuments Men” differs from the… Continue Reading