Sunday, September 15, 2019

Relay for Life supports fight against cancer




This Friday, April 11 will be the 9th Annual Trinity College Relay for Life.  Trinity’s own Relay comes once every spring.

Relay for Life is a longstanding fundraiser that targets cancer awareness and research.  Over 5,000 events are held across 20 different nations throughout the world each year.  All proceeds go to the American Cancer Society, devoted to the mission of fighting back against cancer.

This year, the Relay will be held in Koeppel Community Center and the track will be set up on the ice.  Participant will walk laps around the track as acts ranging from a cake decoration to acappella performances by the our very own Quirks, Pipes, Tones, Dents, and Discords.

Relay kicks off at 6 p.m. with the Survivor’s Lap in which all participants who have fought and survived cancer take the lead for an often emotion filled lap.  Relay is, by nature of its cause, emotional.  It is rare to encounter someone who is untouched by cancer.  Cancer is one disease that truly knows no bounds.  Cancer continues to cause loss and tear at families and individuals, both patients and supportive loved ones.  These survivors, through a mix of luck, will, and courage, have wrestled and come out on top.  They have been through some of the most grueling medical treatment and have endured debilitating conditions.  Another powerful event is the Ceremony of Hope.  This is both to remember all who have passed and honor those who are entangled in the battle now.           

There are already 278 participants signed up for this year and a fund of almost $15,000 raised.  Individuals and teams as large as 15 have gone above and beyond the $10 registration minimum but of course there is always room for more.  If not the desire to be a positive active member of our campus community, the lip sync competition might entice you boasting a prize of $500.  Or you may be won over by this years date auction MCed by Steph Taylor ‘15, Lindsay Hanig ’15, and Halley Cruice ’15.

Sign up with a team or just show up on Friday with a donation.   


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