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Monthly Archives: September 2014

Recent tragedy in Syria raises questions about vaccines

SHELIA NJAU  ’17 STAFF WRITER Whether or not you should partake in receiving vaccinations has been a topic of debate in America, especially when it pertains to young children. One such controversy has stemmed over the use of the MMR vaccination. Some have argued that it causes autism. However, no conclusive evidence has arisen that… Continue Reading

Health Center appointment policy neglects emergencies

MADISON OCHS  ’18 STAFF WRITER As college students and, for the most part, adults, Trinity’s student population is held responsible for their own well-being. Ferris Athletic Center is available in order to help maintain a healthy exercise regimen, multiple food options are available for a nutritious diet, and several counseling services are offered in cases… Continue Reading

New features of iPhone 6 overshadow complaints

ALEXANDRA DeNOTO  ’18 CONTRIBUTING WRITER The iPhone 6 is the most advanced iPhone product that Apple Inc. has produced thus far. It recently came out with not only one, but two display sizes; 4.7 inches on the iPhone 6 and 5.5 inches on the iPhone 6 Plus. It also includes a new retina display called… Continue Reading

A European look at U.S. airstrikes against ISIS

AUSTIN DUEBEL ’18 CONTRIBUTING WRITER I write here with the understanding that not all Trinity students have had the privilege of being exposed to views other than those that are largely pro-American with coinciding dispositions. That is to say that this is not an attack on American views and the like, but rather to introduce… Continue Reading

Trinity Field Hockey wins at home against Bates

JUSTIN FORTIER ’18 STAFF WRITER The Trinity College Field Hockey team began their Saturday with a decisive home victory over Bates College.  This weekend’s victory over the Bobcats was no fluke as they added another win to their winning streak.  With an overall record of (5-2) and a NESCAC record of (3-1), the Bantams have… Continue Reading

Bill Detrick remembered: legendary coach passes at 87

PETER PRENDERGAST ’16 SPORTS EDITOR The Trinity community mourns the loss of long time coach and mentor Bill Detrick, who passed away last week at the age of 87.  He is survived by his wife Barbara, as well as his three children and his six grandchildren. Detrick attended Central Connecticut State University where he played… Continue Reading

Chudi Iregbulem ’15: Bantam Athlete of the Week

ANTHONY ZUCARO ’16 CONTRIBUTING WRITER After their recent blowout victory against Williams, the Trinity College Football team has once again started their season undefeated at 2-0. This perfect record has been achieved in part by senior running back Chudi Iregbulem ’15, who is now starting at the position full time after helping the team achieve… Continue Reading

Widener Gallery presents art from Trinity’s Kress Collection

POOJA SAVANSUKHA ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR On Tuesday, Sept. 25, Trinity’s ‘Widener Gallery,’ located in the Austin Arts Center, hosted an opening reception for its exhibition ‘Into the Light.’ The exhibition features Old Master paintings by Italian, British and American artists, which have remained in Trinity’s possession for many years, but have not been exhibited… Continue Reading

TV Review: “How to Get Away with Murder”

GREGORY OCHIACGHA ’17 CONTRIBUTING WRITER Shonda Rhimes—the brains behind hit dramas such as “Grey’s Anatomy” and “Scandal”—has a new baby. With the series premiere last Thursday, “How to Get Away With Murder” has officially become the hottest show of the new Fall lineup. There are three things a show’s pilot is suppose to do—introduce the… Continue Reading