Saturday, May 26, 2018

Chudi Iregbulem ’15: Bantam Athlete of the Week



After their recent blowout victory against Williams, the Trinity College Football team has once again started their season undefeated at 2-0. This perfect record has been achieved in part by senior running back Chudi Iregbulem ’15, who is now starting at the position full time after helping the team achieve previous success over his career, including their 2012 NESCAC Championship. Hailing from Torrance, California, Iregbulem has honed his skills at the position and demolished the competition with his blistering speed and agility, both on the ground and even in the air. His statistics only prove this theory; in the football team’s past two games, he has scored a total of seven touchdowns through 610 total rushing yards. Needless to say, the veteran back has been a defining part of this year’s team.

Iregbulem has always been a big fan of football and sports in general.  While he may play football, he’s received inspiration from his other favorite sport: basketball.  “My favorite athlete growing up and still to this day is Kobe Bryant because of his great work ethic and “mamba mentality.” He’s inspired me to relentlessly work for whatever I want and to have an unbreakable confidence while doing it.”  This hard work and “mamba mentality” of Kobe have certainly paid off. Thanks to an aggressive rushing attack, he has greatly contributed to the scoring of Trinity’s 70 points thus far through 921 yards of total offense. He certainly is not running away from anyone with numbers like that.

Iregbulem credits his high school football career for being an integral part in his success as a Trinity College Bantam. “My high school competition was fairly strong. The fact that I was able to have great success in that league really helped to give me the confidence that I could play at the next level and that there was nothing to be afraid of.” That confidence has defined his playing style. After Evan Bunker, the all-time leading rusher in NESCAC history, graduated in 2014, Iregbulem has filled his spot nicely. He’s become the top scorer on the offense, scoring 42 of the offense’s 70 points so far this season. He hopes to keep this successful streak going in order to achieve the team’s goals for this season as he states, “My favorite sports moment was winning the 2012 NESCAC title my sophomore year and hopefully that moment can be replaced by winning the championship again this year!”

It looks like this goal is certainly achievable for Iregbulem and the Bantams this coming season. However, they understand that they will have to go through the rest of the NESCAC first. While they have had two major wins over Colby and Williams, Trinity will have to prove themselves against Amherst and Middlebury, who beat Trinity by a combined four point difference between both games last season, and rivals Wesleyan in the last game of the season. With the way Iregbulem and the team have been preforming, the outlook is very bright for another championship and 8-0 season.

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