Friday, May 25, 2018

New features of iPhone 6 overshadow complaints



The iPhone 6 is the most advanced iPhone product that Apple Inc. has produced thus far. It recently came out with not only one, but two display sizes; 4.7 inches on the iPhone 6 and 5.5 inches on the iPhone 6 Plus. It also includes a new retina display called Retina HD, which allows you to see and take images more clearly and read fine print.

The new iPhone has also significantly improved video-taking capabilities. The new program is called iSight. It gives users the ability to take HD, Time Lapse, and Slow Motion videos.

The new iPhones are also extremely thin at 6.9mm (iPhone 6) and 7.1mm (iPhone 6 Plus). They also come with the Touch ID feature, which has helped to improve security. This feature also allows you to make purchases in iTunes, the App Store and iBooks with only your fingerprint as confirmation. In addition, the iPhone 6 has combined Touch ID and Passbook to give users the ability to use the iPhone to pay for items in the store — all you need is your fingerprint.

Most people have enjoyed the larger screen and overall increased size of the iPhone 6. There is more room to text and type more accurately, watch movies and to read e-mails, books and surf the web. Even though some have said it is difficult to reach the top of the screen, the home button has a feature that allows you to double tape it, which enables anything on the screen to slide down for you to reach.

Another perk of the iPhone 6 is its louder speaker. Whether you’re sharing a video with a friend or playing music out loud for a group to hear, the increased speaker volume is a small addition that has been received with great appreciation.

One of the biggest customer-favorite upgrades is the camera. The HD feature lets every picture you take come out as clear as day. Combining this capability with the panoramic setting has also significantly enhanced the quality of panoramics. The slow motion feature has also been improved so that quick motion videos (i.e. sports, dances, car races) can be seen in epic clarity. The newest setting of the camera app is Time Lapse. Not only do customers enjoy this because it is new and exciting, but it produces stunning time lapse videos that could normally only be produced with a $500 camera and movie editor. All of these upgrades are enhanced even more by the camera’s incredible focus. You could be riding in a car or quickly moving your phone around during a soccer game and  the camera stays steady and produces a clear picture.

Additionally, there is a new feature called spotlight. It is the pull down bar that searches your phone, the internet, the app store and much more. This becomes very convenient when you are in a rush and trying to look something up quickly.

However, one change that has been difficult to adjust to is the new placement of the power button. It is no longer at the top of the phone, but on the side. Some say it has taken them quite a while to adjust. Eventually though, the placement ultimately becomes convenient because it is more accessible from the natural way you hold a phone in your hand.

Despite the new additions, iPhone 6 has been highly criticized. Already, one week after its release, multiple customers have complained that the new phone was bending in their pockets. The new iOS 8.0.1 software, which is supposed to update apps and add new features, has been said to crash customer’s phones, and disable cellular service. Apple is currently working on iOS 8.0.2, taking care of the glitches, and has apologized for anyone affected by the new software.

The camera also sticks out slightly from the rest of the phone, making it a little wobbly and unstable when placed on a flat surface. This can be frustrating for those trying to watch a video or film on their phones. However, the new improvements and special features have been able to temporarily compensate for this malfunction and there have only been minor complaints.

Personally, I have been a fan of iPhones ever since I got one five years ago. After holding the iPhone 6 and playing with it, I can say I would definitely purchase it. Even though the larger size may take some getting used to, it’s sleek and rounded shape allows it to fit comfortably in my hand. Nowadays people have begun to use their phones more for doing work, using social media, taking pictures and videos instead of actually using it to call people. I think the new iPhone 6 is able to meet these needs both conveniently and beautifully. The overall appearance of the iPhone, new design  and camera – an essential feature for our generation – have all been significantly enhanced. I think that the majority of people who have had complaints about the additions to the iPhone 6 are experiencing difficulty with the new software and programming rather than the actual phone.

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