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Monthly Archives: September 2014

We should celebrate the peaceful nature of the Scottish referendum

FORREST ROBINETTE ’16 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF This past Thursday, Scotland held an independence referendum that asked voters, “Should Scotland be an independent country?” 54.2 percent of Scots said no and 45.7 percent said yes. The political consequences of this vote are sure to be discussed at length for months to come, but I’d like to focus instead… Continue Reading

Americans must stop the habit of texting behind the wheel

FORREST ROBINETTE ’16 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Since the widespread appearance of text messaging packages, we’ve seen politicians, parents, and billboards rail about the evils of texting while driving. For a long time, I thought that all the fuss was an overreaction—just an older generation looking for another way to prove that kids these days are making all… Continue Reading

Allan K. Smith Reading Series welcomes Fred Bahnson to discuss his recent book

POOJA SAVANSUKHA ’15 ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT EDITOR Last Thursday, Sept. 18, the Smith House hosted a reading and discussion conducted by writer Fred Bahnson. Trinity College students as well as faculty members gathered at the Smith House Reese Room to listen to excerpts from Bahnson’s recent book: “Soil and Sacrament: A Spiritual Memoir of Food… Continue Reading

Coming Soon: “Frank,”more than a fiberglass head

TRIP SLAYMAKER ’18 CONTRIBUTING WRITER The film, “Frank”, is a simple movie. It revolves around a simple man with simple beginnings who happens to enjoy wearing a fiberglass head over his own, which makes it suddenly not so simple. Michael Fassbender plays Frank, who is the lead singer of an underground indie pop band from… Continue Reading

Guitarist Yovianna García performs at Trinity College

DAVIS KIM ’15 CONTRIBUTING WRITER On Thursday, Sept. 18, Trinity College was fortunate to host Puerto Rican classical guitarist, Yovianna García for a Common Hour discussion, as well as a concert in the evening at the Austin Art Centers’ Goodwin Theater. García grew up amongst a family of musicians in Puerto Rico and attended Conservatorio… Continue Reading

Trinity community mourns the loss of Peter Knapp

ESTHER SHITTU ’17 STAFF WRITER This past week, the Trinity College community lost one of its most beloved members, Peter Knapp. He was a long-time employee of the College, having served at Trinity for 46 years. Knapp became part of the Trinity community when he attended the college as a student from 1961-1965. While he… Continue Reading