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Monthly Archives: October 2014

Bantam Artist of the Week: Quirks member Lizzy Foley ’17

Amanda Lundergan ’17 Contributing Writer Lizzy Foley ’17, a sophomore Neuroscience major, has always loved to sing. To her, it’s not just about making music, it’s about being happy and expressing it. Lizzy started indulging in music lessons ever since she was little. She has taken piano and trombone lessons. When she reached high school,… Continue Reading

Cinestudio Review: Marvel’s “Guardians of the Galaxy”

Trip Slaymaker ’18 Staff Writer Why do we love “Guardians of the Galaxy”? I won’t bother reviewing it traditionally because about 90 percent of us have seen it at this point. Instead, I offer more of a retrospective. “Guardians of the Galaxy” is widely considered one of Marvel’s most ambitious movies to date, and serves… Continue Reading

Organist Christopher Houlihan returns to Trinity

William Kurach ’18 Contributing Writer This past Thursday, members of the Trinity community flocked to the college chapel to attend a concert featuring renowned organist Christopher Houlihan ’09. Given Houlihans repertoire, it was not at all surprisingly that the chapel was filled to a point where it was hard to find a seat to watch… Continue Reading

Hartford Stage presents striking production of “Hamlet”

Malcom Moon ’15 Contributing Writer A mere seven minute drive from Trinity, one of the nations leading residential theatres, Hartford Stage is currently showing its’ production of Shakespeare’s “Hamlet.” The production reflects the company’s artistic director, Darko Tresnjaks innovative and entrancing directorial skills. Tresnjaks’ “A Gentleman’s Guide to Love and Murder on Broadway,” have recently… Continue Reading

EROS teams up with a variety of student organizations for Ally Week

Aurora Bellard `17 CONTRIBUTING WRITER When students returned from Trinity Days on Wednesday, Oct. 15, they found the campus sidewalks covered with chalk messages for Ally Week. The previous night, members of Trinity’s EROS (Encouraging Respect of Sexualities) stayed up late, chalking the Long Walk, the Summits, the Concrete Jungle, and the Lower Long Walk… Continue Reading

Academic symposia showcases importance of liberal arts

Esther Shittu `17 STAFF WRITER In celebration of the inauguration of the 22nd president of Trinity College, President Joanne Berger-Sweeney, four academic symposia were held last week. Two were held on Thursday, Oct. 23 and two were held on Saturday, Oct. 25. In the discussion titled, “Engaging with a Diverse World,” there were three panelists… Continue Reading

Lecture at Alpha Delta Phi updates students on ISIS

Chris Bulfinch `18 STAFF WRITER ISIS has been a very prominent news topic over the past year. The images of violent warfare, masked men wielding assault weapons, and public beheadings are poignantly seared into the public consciousness, largely thanks to up-to-the-minute news reporting via social media and applications from CNN and the New York Times.… Continue Reading

Berger-Sweeney Inaugurated as Trinity’s 22nd president

Forrest Robinette `16 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF This past Sunday, Oct. 26, Joanne Berger-Sweeney was inaugurated as the 22nd president of Trinity College. She was elected to the position in March of this year and assumed her office on July 1; however, Sunday’s inauguration marks her formal acceptance of the office of president. The audience at the inauguration… Continue Reading