Friday, May 25, 2018

Bantam Artist of the Week: Quirks member Lizzy Foley ’17

Amanda Lundergan ’17

Contributing Writer

Lizzy Foley ’17, a sophomore Neuroscience major, has always loved to sing. To her, it’s not just about making music, it’s about being happy and expressing it.

Lizzy started indulging in music lessons ever since she was little. She has taken piano and trombone lessons. When she reached high school, she decided to join the choir, which inspired her to try out for an a capella group in her senior year of high school. Lizzy is incredibly glad that she finally pursued her passion of singing, because it led her to join the Quirks, here at Trinity.

After days full of science classes, labs, and never-ending homework, Lizzy looks forward to hanging out in the Summit Suites grand piano room with her fellow Quirks. She joined the Quirks in the Spring semester of her freshman year. Lizzy went to the auditions concert to see them perform and thought they were absolutely amazing.

Being a part of an a capella group has its many perks, such as being able to build new relationships and perform at different places on or off campus, which was why Lizzy auditioned. She sang “Sitting on the Dock of the Bay” by Otis Redding and then had to sing a song that the Quirks taught her. The audition process was very nerve-wracking for her, but she made it to the callbacks, giving her the confidence to perform excellently. Her courage certainly was helpful, since she was eventually accepted into the a capella group.

Lizzy loves being a part of the Quirks, along with the other extracurricular activities that she is involved in. Lizzy is the president of Active Minds, which is a club that meets with the goal of changing the conversation that surrounds mental health. She also partakes in community service often, as she lives in the community service house on campus, Doonesbury.

Being a member of the Doonesbury house comes with many responsibilities, but it keeps Lizzy busy and motivated. Lizzy spends her free time trying to learn squash and doing crafts with her friends.

Even though Lizzy has several obligations she still makes time to practice her songs and beatbox occasionally for the Quirks. She practices in the shower and even listens to the recordings of the songs while she studies. On occasion, she’ll end up practicing with fellow Quirks who have different voice parts.

The Quirks have been a tight-knit group of women that support each other, which is one of Lizzy’s favorite parts about being in the group. She loves the a capella community in general, because it is awesome working with not only her group, but the other all girl, co-ed, and all male groups too. Her favorite songs that she has performed with the Quirks were “House of the Rising Sun,” by The Animals—which perfectly describes the Quirks, and a mashup between “Stay With Me,” by Sam Adams and “Holy Grail,” by Justin Timberlake. Since joining the Quirks, Lizzy has made a number of new friends that she might not have met otherwise. She became close with upperclassmen and people in different majors than her. These connections have brightened her experience at Trinity.

Lizzy has performed with the Quirks many times already, but only a few have been Trinity sponsored. They have performed an “arch sing,” the auditions concert, and concerts where they paired up with at least one other a capella group. Lizzy looks forward to the Festival of Trees, where the Quirks will sing at the museum, and the baseball games, where the Quirks will sing the national anthem.

Trinity Restaurant is where her very favorite impromptu performances happen. The latest concert that the Quirks attended was the Inauguration of President Berger-Sweeney, where all of the singing groups on campus performed. This opened the eyes of many on how big the singing community is on campus. The songs that students sang at the Inauguration were conducted by one of President Berger-Sweeney’s close friends, John Rose. Before the Inauguration, Rose taught each a capella group the songs separately and then brought them all together to practice a few times.  All of the groups sang “America the Beautiful,” a samba song, and “Lift Every Voice.”

Another concert that the Quirks will be hosting is the Halloween performance, which is happening on Wednesday, October 29th. The Quirks will be singing with the Accidentals and dressing up in costumes. It will be held in the crypt chapel to make the scene spookier. This will be just in time for the haunted holiday. Don’t miss the next Quirks performance on Halloween, and be sure to look out for Lizzy!


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