Monday, July 15, 2019

Homecoming 2014, an event-filled and fun weekend



One of the most exciting and energetic times of the year with many different events being hosted on campus throughout the two-day period. Alumni return every year to reunite with their classmates, and the campus comes to life with tailgates and music. This past weekend was no different, and in combination with Halloween festivities, homecoming brought excitement everywhere around campus.

One of the first events of the weekend was the Trinity football game that was held early Saturday afternoon.  Students and alumni gathered to tailgate, share music and food, and watch the Bantams play the Amherst Lord Jeffs. Although the cold and rainy weather resulted in the gathering of a smaller crowd than previous years, many students, families, and alumni endured through the inclement weather to support Trinity College in the game. Maggie Elias ’17, who was a part of the Trinity fan section at the game, captured the atmosphere perfectly. “Despite a dreary and cold day, plenty of students, alumni, families, and fans came out and cheered on the Bantams,” she said. “It was a tough loss to watch, but the support didn’t end! It was great to see all of the alumni and enjoy homecoming weekend!” The Bantams competed throughout the difficult game, but in the end suffered a tough loss by a single point to Amherst.

In another area of campus on Saturday afternoon, Jazz Pianist Michael Carabello was hosted in the Underground Coffeehouse. Michael, a student at the University of Hartford Music School, performed beautiful pieces at the lounge transforming it into a peaceful venue for Trinity students and alumni. The event gave members of the Trinity community a chance to relax and listen to captivating and entertaining music while sharing an afternoon cup of coffee.

To close out the weekend, the Imani and Trinity College Black Women’s Organizations in collaboration held an Undergraduate and Alumni Panel networking reception in Vernon Social titled “Bantam See Bantam Do!” on Saturday night. This event covered the forty-year evolution of the Imani Organization and its mission to unify all of its members on campus, and the history of the Trinity College Black Women’s Organization that was founded in the early 1970’s to serve the interests of African American females at the college. Next in the agenda, alumni members of the panel were introduced to students at the event, and the opportunity for a question and answer session was presented.  Finally, students were given the opportunity to connect and network with the alumni present at the panel. “Bantam See Bantam do!” was an event that brought together current students and members of the Imani and TCBWO organizations with alumni, and concluded the weekend in an informative manner.

As homecoming weekend passed again this year, it brought unity, happiness, and excitement once again to the Trinity College community. Homecoming will always be a special time of year, and one that is different from any other. This year, celebrations of a newly inaugurated President Joanne Berger-Sweeney, the Reunion of the Class of 1963, and various other events made it unique. Although poor weather and frigid temperatures made the outdoors unwelcoming, the Trinity College community still embodied the spirit and joy of homecoming weekend.

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