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Monthly Archives: December 2014

Berger-Sweeney reflects on her first semester at Trinity

BENJAMIN CHAIT ’16 FEATURES EDITOR I met with President Joanne Berger-Sweeney on the rainy Wednesday morning before Thanksgiving break. We met rather early—8:30 a.m.—but by that time President Berger-Sweeney had already walked her dog, attended a parent-teacher conference, and amassed over 5,000 steps on her pedometer. She offered me a piece of Lindt chocolate as… Continue Reading

Hillel’s Pink Shabbat supports fight against breast cancer

ELIZABETH VALENZUELA `17 CONTRIBUTING WRITER On Friday, Nov. 21, Hillel’s 9th Annual Pink Shabbat took place to raise awareness about breast cancer. The event was held in Hamlin Hall, which was beautifully decorated in pink and white for the event. T-shirts were sold at the door, with all proceeds going to Sharshareet, a non-profit organization… Continue Reading

Trinity College hosts event on Ferguson

THEO PESIRIDIS `18 STAFF WRITER On the evening of Thursday,Nov. 23, a group of Trinity students, faculty, clergy, and others members of the community met at the Trinity College Chapel to stand in solidarity with St. Louis, Missouri. The event symbolized Trinity College’s stand with Ferguson, and its firm belief in peace and equality. The… Continue Reading

Hillel hosts discussion on Ugandan Jewish community

CHRIS BULFINCH `18 STAFF WRITER This past week, the Trinity community had the opportunity to meet an individual whose life serves as a fascinating look at the intersections of history, education, and gender. On Tuesday, Nov. 18, Trinity Hillel hosted this engrossing speaker, a young woman named Shoshanna Nambi. Hailing from Uganda, Nambi is a… Continue Reading

Ferguson: violence does not bring about positive change

FORREST ROBINETTE ’16 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF In the wake of the Grand Jury’s decision not to indict Darren Wilson, many individuals took to Facebook to share their thoughts and express their frustration. I saw post after post concerning Ferguson and many of the posts spawned heated debates in their comment sections. As one might expect, my feed… Continue Reading

Tensions over religion rise and cause strife in Israel

BHUMIKA CHOUDHARY ’17 STAFF WRITER Israel has been an unstable region since the 1890s. The presence of two religious groups in one county is the core reason to the social turmoil. Israelis and Palestinians have been fighting for territorial and regional dominance. Foreign presence worsened the Arab Israel conflict further because false promises were made… Continue Reading

Searching for truth among rumors about Ferguson

MADISON OCHS ’18 STAFF WRITER It’s been almost four months since the infamous shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. The grand jury tasked with deciding the fate of the shooter, police officer Darren Wilson, is rumored to be on the precipice of releasing a verdict. In anticipation of this major event Missouri Governor, Jay… Continue Reading

Executive action needed for progress on immigration issues

WILL  WINTER ’18 CONTRIBUTING WRITER As the president sets the stage to begin the process of implementing his executive orders designed to curtail the number of deportations for some three million undocumented people, the Republican Party is gearing up for a showdown. Their anger and series of warnings to the administration is, in many ways,… Continue Reading

The Journey of “Word by Word” by Christopher Hager

KELLY VAUGHAN ’17 CONTRIBUTING WRITER   Professor Christopher Hager, Associate Professor of English, was recently awarded the prestigious Frederick Douglass Prize for his book, “Word by Word: Emancipation and the Act of Writing (Harvard University Press, 2013).” Professor Hager has conducted research in slavery, emancipation, and Civil War-Era literature, which contributed to his interest in… Continue Reading