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Monthly Archives: February 2015

N.S.A document reveals threat of cyberwar between U.S. and Iran

CAMPBELL NORTH ’17 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Technological advancements and society’s trend towards a continued reliance on the internet and cyberspace has recently been accompanied by a growing concern about using this medium for a new breed of modern warfare. The wars that were once waged on land with weapons and physical defenses have now been transformed into… Continue Reading

UNC Chapel Hill Shooting: hate crime or act of insanity?

POOJA SAVANSUKHA ’15 MANAGING EDITOR Three innocent Americans were murdered earlier this week. Two of the victims were a recently married couple attending dental school at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, while the third was the wife’s younger sister, and freshman at the same university. They were shot in the head in… Continue Reading

2015 Academy Awards honor the year’s best filmmakers

by TRIP SLAYMAKER ’18 STAFF WRITER The Academy Awards are often cited as the biggest night in Hollywood—the people who win the Oscar are remembered forever in film history. Last Sunday saw the 87th annual awards ceremony, and while most recipients could be predicted months in advance, there were a few who surprised, a few… Continue Reading

Music department showcases Malcom Moon’s senior thesis

by POOJA SAVANSUKHA ’15 MANAGING EDITOR This past weekend was a musical one. Quite literally so, as the Music Department showcased two excellent senior thesis projects by Malcom Moon ’15, and Marisa Tornello ’15. Despite the freezing temperatures and the snow outside, members of the Trinity community braved the weather to attend the sold-out shows… Continue Reading

La Voz Latina hosts the 15th annual Salsarengue

by HENRY CHAVES ’18 CONTRIBUTING WRITER La Voz Latina once again did an amazing job of hosting their 15th annual Salsarengue night this past Valentine’s Day. LVL is an organization on campus that is dedicated to raising awareness of Latino culture, politics, and social issues through programming within the Trinity community, as well as the… Continue Reading

The Mill and Kappa Sigma offer night of art and music

by ELISE KE-RAHN ’16 STAFF WRITER A successful collaboration between the unexpected coupling of Kappa Sigma fraternity and the Mill dominated Vernon Street this past weekend.  The night featured the social house’s first gallery of the semester alongside two live musical performances in the concert venue. Situated in the crisp whitewashed gallery is “Tattoos of… Continue Reading

Trinity Dance Company performs “A Company Affair”

by DUSTY PRIBOR ’16 CONTRIBUTING WRITER On Feb. 13, the Trinity College Dance Company presented their 2015 spring concert at the Trinity College Commons in a performance entitled, “A Company Affair.” The concert, which showcased the company’s wide range of talent, consisted of performances from each of the group’s nine dancers. It is clear that… Continue Reading