Tuesday, August 20, 2019

USTA brings recreational tennis to Trinity’s campus



As an enormous fan of recreational tennis, I have come to recognize that the hardest part of the sport seems to be finding a partner, a court and a good time to play. This challenge inhibits many students from getting a good workout and also enjoying the wonderful sport. This past fall, the Trinity College Club Tennis team was formed to tackle this problem. The team evolved to give students the opportunity to play tennis in a fun, social atmosphere, while still being able to help them improve their skill level. A step up from the intramural level, and a step (or two) down from the varsity level, club tennis is the perfect balance of competitive sport and pleasant recreation.

The team was set up through the United States Tennis Association (USTA), a non-profit organization with the purpose of promoting tennis, which  helped to establish the “Tennis On Campus” program. With 16 different Campus Leagues, and almost 600 teams involved, “Tennis On Campus” is flourishing throughout college campuses, as it is open to college tennis players of any skill level. These co-ed teams throughout the country have joined together to create an incredible program. Each school, each match and each practice has contributed to the expansion and promotion of tennis in the college world. Teams interested in creating a team or joining the program can simply sign up on the Tennis On Campus website, register in their area, and are given a name of all other schools in their league. The Trinity College Club Tennis team was easily able to be a part of this national program, and with the help of Kathleen Kilocoyne, Assistant Director of Recreation/Intramurals and Club Sports in organizing the logistics, the team has had an enormous success.

The Trinity College Club Tennis Team has become a great way to work out and to meet new people whom you might not normally get a chance to meet. Sophomore and Vice-President of the club, Clara Abramson says of the team, “I have made some great friendships through Trinity’s Club Tennis Team. The practices are a perfect break from our hectic, daily schedules. It is such a treat, and never an obligation to play with the team!” The team consists of members from the freshmen through senior class. Beginners and advanced players all come together to play.

Not only has Trinity’s club tennis team been a great way for students on our campus to meet, but it has also provided us with the opportunity to contact and meet with various schools throughout New England. Multiple schools have reached out to the Trinity team, willing to play a match or to set up a multiple team tournament throughout our campus league, giving us an exciting opportunity to meet new people and extend Trinity’s wonderful reputation on and off the courts.

The team practices twice a week and a typical practice includes a cardio warm up, a short court,  and a long court warm up. This is followed by a rotation of drills and practices always end with a quick, friendly and extremely fun game. Although a lot chillier and with tighter court room during the winter season, the team is still able to meet in Trinity’s indoor courts and get in playing time. In addition, there are occassional matches throughout the semester.

The team is extremely excited to move forward in the coming years. Always able and willing to accept new members of any level, the club looks forward to seeing new players during practice time.

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