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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Netanyahu’s speech addresses nuclear weapons in Iran

SHEILA NJAU ’17 STAFF WRITER   On Mar. 3, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel stood before a joint meeting of Congress to voice his opinion about President Barack Obama’s attempt at negotiating with Iran to limit the country’s nuclear program. According to Netanyahu, this agreement would not “be a farewell to arms” but rather… Continue Reading

Where is Trinity headed, and how do we get there?

JEAN GERMANO ’18 CONTRIBUTING WRITER Trinity Days, Spring Vacation, it’s just one thing right after the other. Beyond the impending midterms and assorted homework, how is it that we can take the time to contemplate grander things? As many of you prepare to be on your merry way it might be worth it to spare… Continue Reading

A bittersweet farewell to Sweet Briar

ANNELISE GILBERT ’17 OPINIONS EDITOR   On Mar. 3, Sweet Briar College in Virginia announced that it would be shutting itself down. The closing of the small women’s college has been a frequent topic of conversation on campus due to the fact that Trinity’s past president, James “Jimmy” Jones, is the current president of Sweet… Continue Reading

Design Team Challenge comes to a close

CHRIS BULFINCH `17 NEWS EDITOR For the past three months, five teams composed of Trinity students have been considering ways to refine and improve Trinity’s current mentoring networks. The program, referred to as the “Design Team Challenge”, was aimed at improving the first-year experience and engaging students of trinity more with the faculty, Hartford, and… Continue Reading

Sneak preview of The Hunting Ground captivates students

WHITNEY GULDEN `16 CONTRIBUTING WRITER When the credits rolled for The Hunting Ground, a film shown at Cinestudio on Wednesday, March 4th and Sunday, March 8th, stunned silence of disbelief and outrage was the only reaction. Between the two nights, over 350 students, faculty, and visitors attended the sneak preview of the acclaimed Sundance Festival… Continue Reading

Palestinian peace activist Ali Abu Awwad visits Trinity

HENRY CHAVEZ ’17 AMR ARQOUB ’18 CONTRIBUTING WRITERS On Monday March 3rd, Hillel and The House of Peace invited Palestinian peace activist Ali Abu Awwad to shed light on a non-violent solution between the state of Israel and the people of Palestine. Ali began the nuanced discussion with a personal story about being incarcerated for… Continue Reading

USTA brings recreational tennis to Trinity’s campus

CAROLINE HARIRI ’17 STAFF WRITER As an enormous fan of recreational tennis, I have come to recognize that the hardest part of the sport seems to be finding a partner, a court and a good time to play. This challenge inhibits many students from getting a good workout and also enjoying the wonderful sport. This… Continue Reading

J Restaurant provides quality service and tasty food

HENRY CUTLER ’17 CONTRIBUTING WRITER On Valentine’s Day night, many go out to restaurants to express love for their significant others and their love for food. As I was furiously trying to make a reservation last minute (four days before Valentine’s Day), I found that this task was going to be more difficult than expected.… Continue Reading