Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Tripod Athlete of the Week : Martha Griffin ’16



The Trinity College Women’s Lacrosse Team has devastated the NESCAC throughout their season and is prepared to take out Tufts in their highly anticipated playoff run. One of the highlights of this already astounding team is midfielder Martha Griffin ’16, who has left a huge impact on the team during her stay at Trinity. In her sophomore year alone Griffin led in team goals at 42, which contributed to making her the 9th highest scorer in the NESCAC at 62 goals. Griffin was also nominated for the IWLCA Division III All-Berkshire Region First Team and she has only improved. This year, Griffin was nominated for the 2015 Tewaaraton Award, which recognizes the best male and female lacrosse player in the nation. Considering that she’s the only non-Division I nominee for the award, Griffin’s play has made a huge impression on the college lacrosse community.

A driving factor behind Griffin’s love of sports has always been her father. “He is without a doubt my number one fan and throughout my whole life has always supported me in any athletic endeavor I jumped into. He may not understand all the rules of women’s lacrosse, but when I look up into the stands I can see the joy that comes from him watching me play the sport I love. I know that he is so proud of the athlete I have become and I must say that I owe it all to him.” While Griffin’s father guided her through athletics, her decision to pursue lacrosse was a late one. “I did not start playing lacrosse until my freshman year of high school, so in the beginning my experience with the sport was very carefree! It wasn’t until my junior year that I decided that lacrosse may be a sport that I wanted to pursue in college, so I joined Revolution Lacrosse (REV) – a club team out of Massachusetts. REV was intense! I had never dedicated more time to one sport in my life, but it was definitely worth it and got me here!”

This intense program certainly helped to develop Griffin and her team. The team has an almost perfect record of 15-1, with one of the season’s highlights being a 16-7 win against rival Middlebury. “Every year our Middlebury game is intense. Not only are they some of the best competition in the NESCAC, but the two teams have a long historic rivalry. With that said, this year came with a bit of extra baggage because it was our senior day! I was so happy when we pulled out with a big win. It was a great moment for the seniors and the team as a whole.” Overall, Griffin is looking forward to the rest of the playoffs. “Coming off last weekend’s win, I can only see things going up from here. Our coach expects us to come out to every game and every practice seeking to improve from the one before – and I believe that we have done just that since the start of our season.   Not only is one of our best players and senior captain, Caroline Hayes, rejoining us from an injury, but this team has so much potential and such a desire to get back to that national championship game. I believe we will and I can only hope we take it home this time around.”

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