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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Campaign for Community seeks to strength campus ties

JUSTIN MARTIN ’18 CONTRIBUTING WRITER “Developing a vision of community for a complex academic organization is not an endpoint but rather an evolution and an ongoing process,” President Joanne Berger-Sweeney wrote last year in an open letter to the Trinity College community. In that letter, the President both praised the Trinity community for the many… Continue Reading

Hartford Police: homicide rates hit year-to-date highs

WILL VERDUER ’18 CONTRIBUTING WRITER Trinity students, and especially their parents, often express fear about crime in Hartford. But exactly how reasonable are these fears? Hatford has developed a reputation as a dangerous city in the last decade. This reputation owes to a variety of factors, chiefly the decline of a large number of manufacturing… Continue Reading

SGA launches initiatives with revamped constitution

CHRIS BULFINCH ’18 NEWS EDITOR The Student Government Association (SGA) is one of the most influential and important organizations on campus, representing student interests and affairs to the administration and faculty and presiding over a budget of nearly half a million dollars. It also interfaces with virtually every organization on campus, and is responsible for… Continue Reading

CK Bradley ’99 evolves from basements to boutiques

KELLY VAUGHAN ’17 FEATURES EDITOR Trinity boasts a number of things- a beautiful campus, engaging academics, and the success and strong relationship with their alumni. Take it from none other than Trinity’s own Camilla Bradley, Class of 1999, who has been running her accomplished fashion brand, CK Bradley, for sixteen years. As a transfer student… Continue Reading

How do we redefine relationships for college students?

JESSICA CHOTINER `19 CONTRIBUTING WRITER When I hear characterizations of our generation or read articles about “Millennials”, they usually make me cringe. The one that really gets my goat though, is the phrase “hook-up culture”. That is such a misnomer –– are we really anymore interested in sex than the 20 year olds of 50… Continue Reading

Trinity’s EROS club can change the campus culture

MARINA PAPPAS ’19 CONTRIBUTING WRITER Everyone had better get ready to taste the rainbow because Encouraging Respect Of Sexualities (EROS) is here and ready to make an impact. This club is like your high school’s Gay-Straight Alliance but about a thousand times better. It has its own house called the Queer Resource Center and hosts… Continue Reading

Ferris Athletic Center desperately needs a face-lift

MICHAEL MARDOIAN `18 CONTRIBUTING WRITER Trinity College continues to construct and remodel buildings all over campus. All of the improvements continue to enhance the on-campus living experience. That being said, one facility that continues to be overlooked is Ferris Athletic Center. There are many people who go to the gym on a regular basis to… Continue Reading