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Monthly Archives: September 2015

Where does the line of “political correctness” get drawn today?

In the news today, we are constantly hearing about “political correctness.” From Donald Trump to Nicole Arbour, almost every word that comes out of an individual’s mouth is documented, remembered, and most often criticized. The word that someone used or the way another person phrased an idea – it’s all politically incorrect. It almost feels… Continue Reading

Creating gentle surroundings in a freshman dorm

GRACIE CULVER ’19 CONTRIBUTING WRITER Katie Comfort is a freshman here at Trinity and lives in a quad in Jackson. Her common room is a popular spot for students throughout the hall to meet up and she’s constantly complimented for her spectacular dorm room décor. I met with her to ask her about her design… Continue Reading

Heather Zusman ’16 features art exhibit

BY: AMANDA LUNDERGAN ’17 A&E EDITOR With only one semester left in her college career at Trinity, Heather Zusman ’16, wants to go out with a bang. She is graduating early in December and is finishing up an art installment for part of her portfolio. She will showcase her art at the Mill, a group… Continue Reading

Album Review: Beruit’s “No No No”

BY: MAX FERTIK ’19 CONTRIBUTING WRITER To give a little bit of context, Beirut’s newest album “No No No” was created directly following an exhausting period in the life of the band’s frontman Zach Condon. The phase was defined by a nasty divorce and a brief hospitalization following a long tour. This fifth studio album… Continue Reading

Cinestudio Preview: Love and Mercy

ERIN GANNON ’19 CONTRIBUTING WRITER They say there are two sides to every story. Bill Pohlad’s latest music-driven biopic about The Beach Boys’ Brian Wilson, “Love & Mercy”, demonstrates just that—two sides to the man behind the group’s ubiquitous success in the 1960s. Paul Dano and John Cusack co-star respectively as those two sides: a… Continue Reading

Bantam Artists of the Week: Inter-Arts Students

DIANA ROSE SMITH ’19 CONTRIBUTING WRITER Trinity is finally getting back into the swing of things, now that the wave of students moving back to campus has settled. Among the bustling, wide-eyed incoming freshmen is a multitude of talents. Twenty eight of these passionate students took their first steps to becoming accomplished artists in the… Continue Reading

ACES club provides wonderful volunteer opportunities

SOPHIE GOURLEY  ’19 CONTRIBUTING WRITER As seen at the Annual Orientation Activities Fair, Trinity offers a variety of clubs, across all areas of interest.  For those interested in event planning and community service, the Annual Community Events Staff, more commonly known as ACES, is the perfect fit.  According to President Georgie Wynn ’16, ACES, “is… Continue Reading

Bantam Network: giving first-years a nest to fly into

MOLLY SCHINELLER ’18 CONTRIBUTING WRITER This year, Trinity introduced its brand new addition to the first-year experience: the Bantam Network. President Joanne Berger-Sweeney entered her presidency last fall on a mission to provide an updated mentoring network to incoming students. She presented selected groups of students with her hopes, and they worked hard throughout the… Continue Reading