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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Trinair is an obstacle to student success on campus

KARAN KHURANA ’17 CONTRIBUTING WRITER Coming from a developing country, the quality of my Internet connection is something I am always concerned about. I had big expectations for everything Trinity College had to offer, from professors, to food, to parties, and as trivial as it may sound, I had big expectations for Trinity’s technology, especially… Continue Reading

Kylie Jenner: pop culture’s paradoxical princess

JESSICA CHOTINER ’17 STAFF WRITER     The term “role model” is a dangerous title, an almost parasitic phrase. It can attach itself to individuals whether they want it or not. One day you’re posting pictures of your squatting regiment on Instagram and the diamond encrusted fake nails you wore to your birthday party, and… Continue Reading

Athlete of the Week: Matt Porter

ANTHONY ZUCARO ’16 STAFF WRITER As expected, the Trinity College Football Team has once again demolished another NESCAC opponent as they extend their undefeated record to 5-0. Part of this success has been due to a strong offense, but while many accredit a team’s success to quarterbacks or receivers, few mention the importance of the… Continue Reading

Boys soccer wins in 7th double-overtime game of season

WILLIAM SNAPE IV ’18 SPORTS EDITOR This past Wednesday Oct. 21 Trinity Men’s Soccer hosted Wesleyan University in a huge conference rivalry match.   Trinity has now played in seven double overtime games this season, winning or tying the last four. Trinity’s Cody Savonen ’17 netted the first goal in the 7th minute of play… Continue Reading

Students discuss sex slavery within ISIS

NATY BUSH ’19 STAFF WRITER ISIS (Islamic State in Iraq and Syria), the militant group that designates itself an Islamic state, has been making headlines for months with their involvement in the Syrian Civil War and other conflicts. Well-known for their brutality and strong anti-Western sentiments, ISIS has well earned the ire of the international… Continue Reading

Doug Curtin ’17 begins donation of extra Mather food

CHRIS BULFINCH ’18 NEWS EDITOR Gripes about the food in Mather are common refrains around Trinity’s campus: like any college, students sometimes miss the freshness and taste of their favorite home-cooked meals. Similar to other colleges, Trinity’s students do not eat all of the food that is provided by the dining halls. Since the beginning… Continue Reading

Ferris fitness passes provide fun exercise for everyone

NATY BUSH ’19 STAFF WRITER The notorious “freshman 15” is difficult to avoid when there is free food always available on campus. Students are constantly enticed with Mather’s all-you-can-eat style of food service, however, instead of avoiding temptation entirely, there is a way to burn off the extra calories – and have fun while doing… Continue Reading