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Monthly Archives: December 2015

Admissions reform as a remedy for Trinity’s troubles

EVAN SCOLLARD ’17 STAFF WRITER Trinity’s notable draw – her economics department – poses a significant threat regarding its popularity as a major.   Those aspiring for admission to the NESCAC know to come here to prepare for a career in banking, finance, or wealth management. But with so many coming here for the well-regarded… Continue Reading

Maxing Out: Second Amendment rights are dangerous

MAX FURIGAY ’19 COLUMNIST The recent shootings in San Bernardino have brought the issue of gun control into public consciousness yet again: as did the massacres in Newtown, Aurora, Portland, Tucson, Oak Creek and countless other towns and cities all across America- all during the past few years. Yet none of these tragedies have brought… Continue Reading

It’s time to reevaluate Trinity College’s open campus

MARINA PAPPAS ’19 STAFF WRITER Recently, there have been many incidents involving local Hartford citizens verbally and physically harassing Trinity students on  campus, with the most recent event an attack on a close friend of mine. This got me thinking about all of the other events that have happened this year. We have had catcalling,… Continue Reading

Wake Up World: Showcasing discrimination at Trinity

CHRIS BULFINCH ’18 NEWS EDITOR Nov. 16, 2015 marked a point of change in the social dialogue of Trinity’s campus. “Wake Up World,” a walk-out from classes followed up by a public forum, sought to address the way that issues of race, gender, and identity are treated at Trinity. Hundreds of faculty members, college administrators,… Continue Reading

Trinity WRTC-FM offers unique outlet for music lovers

KELLY VAUGHAN ’17 FEATURES EDITOR In an age of digital music heard primary through Spotify and Soundcloud, college students are not nearly as inclined to turn on the radio on a long car ride, much less while sitting in their dorm rooms hanging out with friends or while doing work in the library. As college… Continue Reading

Cinestudio preview: Matt Damon in “The Martian”

TRIP SLAYMAKER ’18 A&E EDITOR Space really is the final frontier. It’s cold, lifeless, and big. And if you happen to live in any movie about space, good luck. You’re going to need it, because things usually don’t go too well for the likes of you. Ridley Scott has been to the stars before in… Continue Reading

Album review: Martin Courtney’s “Many Moons”

MATIAS PRIBOR ’16 STAFF WRITER Martin Courtney, of Real Estate fame, delivers homage to suburban life in its comforts and flaws on his debut solo album “Many Moons.” Also, as a fellow New Jersey-ite I felt it my duty to commend Courtney’s performance on the album for exemplifying the experience of nostalgia and melancholy that… Continue Reading

Review of Hartford Stage’s annual “A Christmas Carol”

BY TRIP SLAYMAKER ’18 A&E EDITOR How do you reimagine a story so beloved and so popular that it seems to defy the progression of time? Charles Dickens’ novella “A Christmas Carol” has never fallen from popularity—not even once—since its publication in 1843. It is perhaps appropriate that a story about travelling through time and… Continue Reading

Students showcase music videos this coming Thursday

BY ANDREW HATCH ’17 BUSINESS MANAGER Earlier this year a small group of students got the music video production experience of a lifetime when Professor Justin Francis came to film at Trinity. A highly regarded Hollywood music video director, who has worked with many artists including Carly Rae Jepsen, B.o.B., Santana, and Pharrell, Francis has… Continue Reading