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Monthly Archives: February 2016

How the GOP became the party of willful ignorance

MAX FURIGAY ’19 OPINION EDITOR If it weren’t for the fringes of the Republican Party, they would be almost likable. But because of these vocal (and “vocal” is an understatement) minorities, it seems that they won’t be able to form any semblance of unity or moderation any time soon. The GOP is in chaos right… Continue Reading

Pro-rape rallies embody American hypocrisy

REBECCA REINGOLD ’17 STAFF WRITER Recently, cities throughout the United States and other countries allowed rallies endorsing the concept of “pro-rape.” Misogynistic blogger Daryrush Valizedeh had planned a worldwide gathering for his pro-rape followers who go by the name “Return of the Kings.” This organization promotes (and hopes to one day legalize) rape, claiming that… Continue Reading

New first-year nests can provide significant support

MARINA PAPPAS ’19 STAFF WRITER This year is the pilot of the new freshman orientation program, The Bantam Network. There have been differing opinions as to whether the program has been a success or a failure because the Class of 2019 has been the first to experience it. Depending on who you ask, there will… Continue Reading

Valentine’s Day: The good, the bad, and the pricey

JESSICA CHOTINER ’17 CONTRIBUTING WRITER In Ferris Athletic Center, gym-goers have the luxury of viewing ESPN or Fox News on the TVs that line the gym walls. Recently, I found myself doing exactly that, but instead of the usual dabbing Cam Newton, I had to run through an ad for the Vermont Teddy Bear Company.… Continue Reading

Campus masculinity group works to open dialogue on gender

CHRIS BULFINCH ’18 STAFF WRITER Issues of gender have become a major talking point of late, both in a college setting and in a broader socio-cultural context. The struggle for gender equity has precipitated much study of the roles that women play in society, ranging from their portrayal in the media to the amount that… Continue Reading

Crescent Street construction halts

MOLLY SCHINELLER ’18 STAFF WRITER The construction of the new building on Crescent Street has come to a halt due to a recent questioning of its potential uses. Up until this point, the space was being built to rehouse the Cave and the Barnes and Noble bookstore. This past Friday, however, President Berger-Sweeney addressed the… Continue Reading

Hartford magnet schools bring the best of local students

Hartford magnet schools bring the best of local students

WILL VERDEUR ’18 CONTRIBUTING WRITER On Feb. 1, 2016 the recently expanded Hartford Magnet Trinity College Academy was unveiled to the public. The new 56,628 square foot building adds classrooms, gym space and faculty offices. In addition to the new building, renovations were done on the existing school as well. Buildings were equipped with LED… Continue Reading

Barnyard Disco Night draws huge crowd

Barnyard Disco Night draws huge crowd

KATHERINE ROHLOFF ’19 NEWS EDITOR On Friday, Feb. 12, Barnyard Entertainment Committee partnered with The Student Activities, Involvement & Leadership (S.A.I.L.) to host Trinity’s first ever Roller Disco. The Disco was hosted in the Washington Room of Mather hall. Over 100 students attended the event. As a result, all the roller skates were rented out… Continue Reading

Convenient cuisine at Caribbean Food Concepts

Convenient cuisine at Caribbean Food Concepts

ALEX COGGIN ’16 STAFF WRITER I stumbled across the website of Caribbean Food Concepts and had to visit given the success of the last Caribbean food I had in Hartford, at Jerk Pit Café. Caribbean Food Concepts is located in Newington, CT, and is only about a ten-minute drive from campus. It focuses on all… Continue Reading