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Monthly Archives: March 2017

Austen Ballard ’17 Debuts Indie Music

Connecticut-based songwriter and performer Austen Ballard ’16 has released his first single, ‘Cumm Around?’ available now to stream on SoundCloud and download via Bandcamp. The 60s-tinged, guitar-based track showcases the tight songwriting and indie pop sensibilities characteristic of Ballard’s forthcoming debut full-length, “79 Vernon Street.” The record will be released on April 14th, with a… Continue Reading

Album Review: Smashing Pumpkins “Monuments”

CHARLIE McMAHON ’18 A&E EDITOR Personally, I’m not a huge fan of contemporary music. For that reason, I usually listen to older classic rock, but happily, the new Smashing Pumpkins album taught me that there’s still hope for contemporary rock, though it is harder to pin down. In case you haven’t heard of the band,… Continue Reading

Cinestudio Preview: La La Land

Cinestudio Preview: La La Land

TRIP SLAYMAKER ’18 A&E EDITOR The Box office and critical success “La La Land” may not have won Best Picture over “Moonlight,” but it is likely to draw crowds to Cinestudio just the same. The film is the work of director Damien Chazelle, a 32-year-old filmmaker behind 2014’s sublime music film “Whiplash” among others. As… Continue Reading

ACES Will Host Annual Auction on Thursday in Mather

AMANDA SCOPELLITI ’20 STAFF WRITER Each March, Trinity’s Annual Community Event Staff (ACES) hosts an auction in order to raise money for a local charity of their choosing. The student group solicits donations from local restaurants, service groups, and on-campus offices in order to purchase items to be auctioned off to students and members of… Continue Reading

The Stella Society Brings a New GLO to Trinity’s Campus

CAMPBELL NORTH ’17 SENIOR EDITOR As students enter the final stages of the spring semester, the Trinity Tripod had an opportunity to chat with Kristina Miele ’19, president of the Stella Society, and Emily Turner ’18 about the newly-established GLO’s future goals and objectives for next year. Trinity Tripod: What inspired the decision to start… Continue Reading

Men’s Hockey Loses Heartbreaking Final To Norwich

Men’s Hockey Loses Heartbreaking Final To Norwich

NATE CHOUKAS ’20 SPORTS EDITOR After a stellar win against Endicott in the NCAA quarterfinals, the Bantams traveled to Utica, NY for the Frozen Four. Thanks to outstanding offense, and stout goaltending from Alex Morin ’18, Trinity defeated the St. Norbert Green Knights in the semifinal. In the championship contest, Trinity couldn’t establish a rhythm… Continue Reading

Cost of College Is Starting to Outweigh Benefits

BORA ZALOSHNJA ’20 OPINIONS EDITOR As spring comes around, you may be strolling around Trinity’s campus, admiring it’s beauty, and think to yourself, “wow, I hope one day I have kids and get to send them here too.” Don’t get too excited though, because in 18 years it could cost half a million dollars to… Continue Reading

TrumpCare Will Not Benefit Majority of Americans

HUNTER SAVERY ’20 STAFF WRITER After much anticipation, congressional Republicans released the conservative answer to Obamacare, the American Healthcare Act, or Trumpcare on  March 6th. Unfortunately, the plan that promised to offer consumers more choices, lower costs, and greater fiscal sustainability offers none of the above. Trumpcare is a great plan, if the goal were… Continue Reading

World Leaders Must Act On Humanitarian Crisis

JAMES CALEBRESI ’20 STAFF  WRITER As the world continues to reel from the election of Donald Trump, with the media wracking its collective brains on euphemistic backflips and mental locutions, an increasingly dreadful, and horrifyingly real situation continues to evolve in four African countries. According to Stephen O’Brien of the United Nations’ Office for the… Continue Reading

Trump’s Conspiracy Theories a Danger to Democracy

MATT EPSTEIN  ’19 OPINION EDITOR Dating back to our government’s beginnings, conspiracy theories and American politics have frequently gone hand in hand. Whether they were writers at small media outlets, or bloggers in the deepest corners of the internet, conspiracy theorists have always questioned the “official” stories on government happenings. Was 9/11 an inside job?… Continue Reading