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Monthly Archives: October 2017

Hartford Rally for Racial Injustice Raises Important Points

FIONA McELROY ’20 CONTRIBUTING WRITER On Sunday, October 1, a number of Trinity students, professors, and administrators attended the Rally for Racial Justice, hosted by the organization Moral Monday Connecticut in conjunction with Women’s March Connecticut. Marches and rallies of the same theme took place in a number of cities this past weekend, including Washington… Continue Reading

Changes Coming to Career Development Opportunities

ANGEL PEREZ PHD VICE PRESIDENT FOR ENROLLMENT AND STUDENT SUCCESS Trinity College’s Career Development Center is getting a facelift. As of October 1, the Office of Student Success and the Career Development Center will merge to form the Center for Student Success and Career Development. What we’ve learned since launching the Office of Student Success… Continue Reading

Autumn is the Best of the Four Seasons

JAMES CALABRESI ’20 STAFF WRITER Sniffles, hot chocolate, falling leaves, the mysterious chill of a late night out that can somehow be both felt and smelled at the same time. Yes, my friend, your calendar is not wrong, October did sneak up on you and Fall has officially begun. I can just picture the student… Continue Reading

Changes to SGA are Necessary to Improve Campus Life

HUNTER SAVERY ’20 CONTRIBUTING WRITER Trinity College’s Student Government Association is a great idea in principle, a means for the student body to be represented and influence life at the college. Once a semester, there are elections to fill the various positions from Class Senator to SGA President. The Student Government Association approves club funding,… Continue Reading

An Open Letter from the SGA Vice President of Finance

To the Trinity Community: Last year I was elected as the Vice President of Finance, to represent student interests on the Student Government Association’s (SGA) Executive Board and to manage the Student Activities Fund (SAF). The purpose of the SAF is to provide funding for student organizations and clubs. It is my and Budget Committee’s… Continue Reading

Trinity Culture of Fake Engagement Needs to End

CHRIS BULFINCH ’18 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Around campus, some Trinity students take a less-than-quiet pride in how engaged they are around campus. Pull aside certain undergraduates from almost any major, and they will rattle off a litany of activities, ranging from sports teams to charitable work to student government, debate teams of different stripes, and even the… Continue Reading

Professor Johnny Williams and the Administration Response

AMANDA HAUSMANN ’21 CONTRIBUTING WRITER On Wednesday, June 21st, Trinity College’s administration closed the campus for the day due to safety concerns. In the days leading up to this decision, both Trinity and one of its professors of sociology, Johnny Eric Williams, received a number of threats. These threats were provoked by two contentious social… Continue Reading

The Truth Behind the Words of Johnny Williams

JAYMIE BIANCA ’21 CONTRIBUTING WRITER This past summer, Professor Johnny Eric Williams sparked a nationwide controversy with one hashtag- #letthemfuckingdie. At first glance, the hashtag seems to incite violence. If one were to read Johnny’s Twitter post, they would think to themselves: “Does Johnny Williams hate white people?” The answer, put simply, is no. I… Continue Reading

DACA Serves to Protect Many American Dreamers

HENRY CHAVEZ ’18 CONTRIBUTING WRITER Less than two weeks ago, President Trump moved to end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, an Obama-era program commonly known as DACA. Both DACA and the DREAM act give nearly a million young adults, undocumented through no fault of their own, a chance to work, receive an education,… Continue Reading

A Better Alternative to DACA Needs to be Found

ELEANNA DAVOS ’20 CONTRIBUTING WRITER President Trump is not one to shy away from being in the spotlight, whether it reflects well on him or not. Most recently, Trump has been in the limelight for his strong statements about Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). In early September, he made a statement that he will… Continue Reading