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Sandy Hook Trials Goes to CT Supreme Court

JAMES CALABRESI ’20 STAFF WRITER Joshua D. Koskoff entered the Connecticut Supreme Courthouse to make an appeal for those who lost family in the Sandy Hook Elementary shooting on Tuesday, Nov. 14. In front of a panel of five, Koskoff, attorney at law for Donna L. Soto and others, laid out the case for improperly… Continue Reading

Weekly Update from Campus Safety Crime Log

GILLIAN REINHARD ’20 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Each week, the Tripod reports a weekly crime update based on Campus Safety’s Crime and Fire Logs, which is available to the public at Campus Safety’s Vernon Street location. The journal documents all instances of crime that happen on campus or in the local area that affects members of the community.… Continue Reading

Weekly Student Government Association Update

GRANVILLE KAYNOR ’21 STAFF WRITER Sunday’s Student Government Association meeting revealed a lot about Trinity College’s new strategic plan–its strengths and challenges. During the meeting, Dean Sonia Cardenas, dean of academic affairs and strategic initiatives, passed out copies of (“Summit”) the strategic plan.  She discussed the plan’s three main goals:  creating a new curriculum and learning opportunities, continuing to… Continue Reading

Homecoming Weekend Sees Acts of Vandalism on Vernon

Homecoming Weekend Sees Acts of Vandalism on Vernon

GILLIAN REINHARD ’20 EDITOR-IN-CHIEF This year’s Homecoming Weekend saw the emergence of several incidents, particularly vandalism, on Vernon Street. With massive crowds at Jessee/Miller Field, and other venues such as the Pi Kappa Alpha (PIKE) and Psi Upsilon fraternities, these instances of crime were immediately addressed by Campus Safety. At 1:20 pm, as the Homecoming… Continue Reading

Michelle Obama Pays Visit to Hartford

AMANDA LAFFERTY ’21 A&E EDITOR On Thursday Nov. 16, former First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama starred in a moderated conversation at the Bushnell Performing Arts Center and discussed her lifetime’s worth of triumphs, failures, and positive thinking. Director and Chief Curator of The Studio Museum in Harlem Thelma Golden was the moderator… Continue Reading

The Roy Moore Scandal is a Result of the Age of Trump

HUNTER SAVERY ’21 STAFF WRITER The character of American politics has changed markedly in the past few years. In the wake of Donald Trump, unsavory revelations about politicians that would have previously disqualified them from office seem to draw little attention outside of MSNBC and Politico. Nowhere is this more clear than in the case… Continue Reading

College Campuses Must Combat Drinking Culture

JAYMIE BIANCA ’21 STAFF WRITER While drinking is often a part of many college campuses, Trinity embodies a sometimes dangerous drinking culture. Whether it’s a busted fraternity party due to underage drinking, or hearing sirens on campus after someone has been severely injured due to intoxication; I have already witnessed and read about these incidents… Continue Reading

FLOTUS Must Be a Role Model, Not Just a Supermodel

ISABELLA CROW ’19 CONTRIBUTING WRITER Quick. Pick a power couple: Michelle and Barack Obama, or President Trump and his “First Babe,” Melania. These two presidential marriages could not be more different. For instance, the Trumps broke tradition when the First Lady of the United States (FLOTUS) and her son, Barron, continued to live in New… Continue Reading

On-Campus Housing Offers Students Great Options

JOSEPHINE WRAY ’21 CONTRIBUTING WRITER On college and university campuses across the country, the topic of on-campus housing is one of frequent discussion- even for us here at Trinity. Traditionally, schools only require first-years to live on campus, offering different options to upperclassmen. Some schools offer suitestyle living with accompanying bathrooms and common areas for… Continue Reading

College is Students’ Time to Discover their Passions

JAYMIE BIANCA ’21 STAFF WRITER Most people have the wrong idea about college. Many believe that it is a time to jumpstart your career; to discover the immediate occupation that will lead to monetary benefits. But when did we start equating money to joy and lifelong fulfillment? When I first arrived at Trinity, my mind… Continue Reading