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Men’s Hockey Begins Winter Winning Streak

CAT MACLENNAN ’20 CONTRIBUTING WRITER The Trinity men’s hockey team played impressively over winter break, winning five out of the seven games that they played while beating a host of conference opponents. The matchup on Jan. 19 against the Tufts University Jumbos ended with an exciting win for the Bantams. Tufts took the lead late… Continue Reading

Alumni Spotlight: Karen Albano Mair, Class of 1988

Alumni Spotlight: Karen Albano Mair, Class of 1988

AMANDA SCOPELLITI FEATURES EDITOR Karen Albano Mair ’88, graduated from Trinity as an English major and Economics enthusiast who credits Trinity’s emphasis on high-level analysis and writing as something that distinguished throughout her post-graduate career. During her time as an undergraduate, Mair’s experiences centered around academics, and she describes Trinity’s Hartford-based campus as an “academic… Continue Reading

A New Motto and Era for the Tripod

The Trinity Tripod is happy to announce the introduction of a new motto to drive our mission for-ward. It states our common purpose and provides a unity to our team that is essential for a profession-al and trustworthy college newspaper. The motto is: “Scribere Aude!”. Translated from the Latin, it means “Dare to Write!”. In short, the motto… Continue Reading

Bantam Bucks Available at New Locations

Bantam Bucks Available at New Locations

JOSEPHINE WRAY ’21 CONTRIBUTING WRITER With the new year comes a new addition to Trinity College’s Bantam Bucks program—student and faculty ID cards can now be used at numerous off-campus vendors, including two Whole Foods locations in West Hartford as well as Spectra Wired Café at 5 Constitution Plaza in downtown Hartford. This initiative to… Continue Reading

This Week’s Student Leader Spotlight: Kate Lucas ’20

Name: Kate Lucas Class Year: 2020 Hometown: Alexandria, Virginia Major: Biochemistry Leadership on Campus: College Diabetes Network President, Wrestling Team Manager, Vernon Social Student Manager, Tour Guide, Orientation Leader, Editor-in-Chief of the Ivy School Yearbook. Tell us about your leader-ship experience: In high school, I made the mistake of staying in my comfort zone. I knew I needed to start… Continue Reading

Trinity Student Threatens Uber Driver

GRANVILLE KAYNOR ’21 STAFF WRITER A Trinity student threatened to accuse an Uber driver of rape after he refused to drive her because his shift was over for the night on Dec. 12, 2017. The Uber driver recorded the argument with a camera. He posted the video on YouTube that night. The film, 46 seconds… Continue Reading

As Oscars Approach, Academy Confronts Controversy

ERIN GANNON ’19 STAFF WRITER Following a year of members of the entertainment industry coming forward to reveal the patterns of sexual misconduct which have plagued Hollywood for decades, and an awards season of defiant responses to these revelations, the nominations for the 90th Academy Awards reflect what is expected to be the culmination of… Continue Reading

DJ Koze’s Recent Release Sets High Hopes for Upcoming LP

DJ Koze’s Recent Release Sets High Hopes for Upcoming LP

AMANDA LAFFERTY ’21 MANAGING EDITOR A true innovator for minimal house and IDM (intelligent dance music), Hamburg-based DJ Koze is a mysterious and intriguing figure. His social media posts are limited, as are his North American appearances. He’s been producing music since the late 1980s, some releases being remixes, others purely original, all of which… Continue Reading